Illegal Mexican Immigration at Standstill – Oh Really?

A recent report from the Pew Hispanic Center declares that the net migration of Mexicans into the US has reached zero.  The various news agencies that are picking up the report seem to be trying to make the public believe that the illegal immigration problem has been eradicated just like they wanted us to believe that polio had been eradicated years ago.

But like polio, the problem is still here and one has to be very discerning when reading the reports.

The keyword in the Pew report is ‘net’.  They are not saying that the number entering the US has stopped.  What they are saying is that the number of Mexicans crossing the US border is roughly equal to the number returning back to Mexico.

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Secondly, I need to point out that they are combining legal and illegal Mexican immigration in this figure.  They quote numbers obtained by the US Census Bureau which largely reflect legal immigrants.

What I want to know is how do they know how many illegal immigrants are crossing the border or are they just guessing and adjusting the figures to make the Obama administration look good?  Do they have turnstiles with counters at every possible border crossing?  If the flow of illegals has diminished that much, then why are they still finding so many crossing the desert or being trucked into the US?

The Pew report credits the failing economy, poor housing market, fewer construction jobs, an increase in the number of deportations and heightened border enforcement as the reasons for the statistical leveling off of immigration.  I noticed that they said nothing about the tougher immigration laws being enacted by states such as Arizona and Alabama.

An interesting note on Alabama is that they have the toughest state immigration laws in the nation and they are also leading the nation in jobs recovery and I don’t think it is mere coincidence either.

If every state and the federal government enacted immigration laws similar to those in Alabama and Arizona, the next Pew Hispanic report should report a negative trend in immigration numbers.  Once the illegals find out that they are no longer welcome and will no longer be given government handouts, they’ll stop crossing our border and many of them already here will likely head back south.  All we need are politicians with the guts to do what’s right by the American people.

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