Illegals Attempt To Enter At Your Own Risk

-By Jim Bowman

For too long, we have turned our humanitarian concerns into a form of National sacrifice. Included was the logic which would normally defy that insulting stagnation of eleven million illegals. Now, after decades of illegal entries at will, and in many cases with jobs awaiting, this insult has produced an outright invasion. What we seem to have forgotten is that the taker will always want more and that our giving wets their appetite.

America has prospered but along with this comfort, we have forgotten some basics, such as ‘the law of the jungle.’ ‘The jungle’ aside, it never-the-less provides a truism that many of the modern age have either forgotten or never knew. This will not stop since its final destination of success and rewards has become the magnet worthy of any and all hardships. So, any bargaining or hope for reaching a possible solution is a waste of time. America is not only their destination, she is now their target!

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What this caravan represents is more than the three or four thousand who stumble northward. This is the beginning of upgrading what was previously a consistent and permitted foreign labor trickle. Today’s mass exodus is fueled with journey enticements and by the simple fact that for the meager and poor, their sacrifice is negligible verses everything which awaits.

Meanwhile, here in the good ole USA, we are being fed the good humor of “they only seek a better life,’ along with the guilt of “if not for our place of birth, we could be one of them.” So, what’s a good hearted American to do other than feel guilt at being so fortunate? Hogwash!

This waffling reminds me of the aid and comfort provided to our enemies during those protest years of the sixties. While good intentions were AWOL concerning those protests, they are now being turned against us as the forces that are both planning and financing this foreign invasion are also feverishly hyping up our humanitarian instincts. After all, America responds to every catastrophe worldwide so our good hearted and giving nature is easily manipulated.

Luckily, we have a leader in our White House. Our President has stated that if the caravan persists, it will not enter our country. President Trump has emphasized that it won’t be the Reserves or National Guard elements that will be defending our country but units from our regular military. In other words, hardened combat veterans. This may sound harsh but what other option is there? We cannot continue with this laissez faire notion that all will be ok. If permitted to continue, this cannot turn out well for our Country or our citizens!

Look at the pictures of those who will be approaching our borders. Yes, they are poor, needy and destitute but get past all the emotions that are being ginned up. American priorities must be addressed and protected. Why is this so difficult or better yet, why is it even a need to address? Isn’t our Country worthy of protecting and what would we be without America?

Also too, consider the illnesses, disease and pestilence which is inherent to third world existence. Despite the media’s attention upon the innocent children, remember that America also has innocent children and they need protection from not only the violence which will unfold but from those associated diseases.

Additionally, they show little regard for their illegal status as participating in protests and demonstrations are now common. This complete disregard of our law and subsequent enforcement foretells of a lawless sector which will only grow in numbers. Also, today’s concern of their possible illegal participation in our mid terms threatens the sanctity of our “free elections.”

Politically, while one party seems passive at times, the Democrats have incorporated, to the point of reliance, those that they sponsor, be they legal or illegal. Think of the current number of candidates who boldly espouse ‘sanctuaries,’ whether at the city or state level. Also, this is the party which campaigns against a State’s individual right to legislate a Voter ID law.

Finally, America’s good heartedness is perceived as weakness to those who have nothing and are eager to take advantage. Today, we face an invasion without uniforms. However, while that element of war has changed, as evidenced by the Viet Cong and ISIS, conquest and domination hasn’t. With the military stationed on our southern border, which should have been the case when Congressional financing of the wall floundered, the possible cost or severity of this northerly trek just increased, as it should. America must and will be protected at all costs!

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