Illegals Caught Using Fake Border Patrol Vehicle to Enter US

I’m not sure I can count or name all of the ways aliens have used and still using to enter the US illegally. Thousands brave the vast deserts of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas, walking miles across a hostile environment. In Texas, hundreds swim the Rio Grande River on a daily basis to work and then take their earnings back to Mexico. Many of them are led into the US by drug cartels that use the illegals to carry their drugs. Some have dug elaborate tunnels under the border while thousands have been smuggled across the border in cars and trucks.

Vehicular smuggling has taken on a new look as Border Patrol agents in Texas pulled over a near lookalike vehicle to their own. The human traffickers had painted a Chevy Tahoe to look like those used by the Border Patrol. They then stripped out the back seats and crammed 12 illegals in the back.

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Border Patrol Agent Omar Zamora, who works in the Rio Grande Valley sector, told the local news:

“There’s no fender, there’s no ground effect on any of our vehicles. They’re actually pretty bare and about as high as we get the vehicle, because we do go off road.”

“In the 18 years that I’ve been in the Border Patrol, we’ve seen UPS, FedEx trucks, Time Warner trucks, any kind of clones. Any business you can think of. The smugglers are trying to clone it to avoid law enforcement detection.”

Yet Barack Obama continues to tell us that the border is secure. It’s as secure as trying to hold a gallon of water in a bucket with no bottom. Hundreds of illegals cross our border daily and only a small percentage are being caught.

In the past few months, a growing number of Muslims have been caught trying to cross the border, indicating that many more are crossing successfully. Most of the Muslims caught are single men, indicating a strong possibility that some Islamic terrorists are gaining access into America because of Obama’s ‘secure’ border policies.

Until the border is properly secured and protected by Border Patrol and US Military forces, aliens, including terrorists will continue to contrive ways to cross the open border, even going so far as to use fake government vehicles.

I strongly advocate that our military build a secure fence like the one in Yuma or used by Israel and then have them man it. The only real cost will be materials as we are already paying our military to serve and protect our nation. They have construction battalions that are more than capable of building the fence through all types of terrain. Equip the fence with sensors that pick up movement, seismic activity and use cameras with infrared for night viewing. I would also use the military to man checkpoints at every road that crossed the border. Give them heat sensors or whatever necessary to scan each vehicle for hidden people. Lastly, arm our military personnel and give them the order to use whatever force is necessary to prevent illegal entry. Once word gets out that aliens are being shot trying to enter OUR country, many others will think twice before attempting to enter.

If I were president, that’s what I would do.

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