Illegals Cost Maryland $1.9 Billion a Year

Earlier this week I wrote about illegal aliens costing Ohio nearly $900 million a year. I pointed out that Ohio is not one of the states that you would first think of when speaking about illegals. I strongly suspect that Maryland is another state that would not come to mind when speaking about illegals but the latest information says illegals cost the state twice what they cost Ohio.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform, (FAIR), the same organization that gave us the figures for Ohio, have now released the figures for Maryland. With an estimated 250,000 illegals living in Maryland, FAIR determined at in 2010, illegals cost taxpayers $1.9 billion. The cost breaks down this way:

  • $1.3 billion went to education
  • $231 million to healthcare
  • $177 million to justice and law enforcement
  • $47.5 million to public assistance
  • $105 million to general government services

FAIR reported that illegals pay an estimated $119 million in state and local taxes leaving the state and taxpayers with a final expense of $1.74 billion. To put it another way, illegals in Maryland are costing each household headed by a US citizen a minimum of $910 a year. How would you feel if state officials showed up at your house and asked you to pay them $910 to help support illegal aliens?

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Now consider that over the past 5 years several million more illegals have entered the US and moved to states like Maryland and Ohio. If this is the cost for states like Maryland and Ohio; how much more is it costing states like California who is already facing a budget deficit of billions of dollars? How much is it costing Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Florida who have higher than normal concentrations of illegals?

The bottom line is that illegals are costing US taxpayers billions of dollars every year, and yet Obama and his fellow Democrats continue to welcome and protect them just so they can cast illegal votes in 2016.

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