Illegals Cost Ohio Nearly $900 Million a Year

When you hear about illegal aliens, you generally think of Border States like Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas and of course Florida, but most people don’t think of states further north like Ohio as having a problem with illegal aliens. I live in the northern tip of Kentucky, just south of Cincinnati, Ohio and I’ve seen a fair share of illegals here in our area which admittedly surprised me.

In 2012, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) looked at how much illegals were costing the state of Ohio. They report that tax dollars are used to fund education, medical care, law enforcement activities and other government services including food stamps, housing, etc.

At that time, they calculated that there were 9,480 illegal alien children and another 25,375 US born children of illegals in Ohio in 2012. FAIR reported that it cost Ohio taxpayers $364 million per year just for the education of illegals from K through 12. Ohio taxpayers pay an additional $145 million a year for Limited English proficiency instructions, raising the total cost for educating illegals to $509 million per year.

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Ohio taxpayers pay $84 million per year for medical expenses for illegals and another $79 million per year for law enforcement costs which includes $20 million a year for illegals in prison. Last year, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones made the news when he sent a letter to Mexico’s president and secretary of foreign affairs asking for $900,000 for having to deal with Mexico’s criminals. His records showed that his department had arrested over 3,000 illegals just from Mexico over the past 10 years.

According to the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy, illegals paid $72.8 million a year in state and local taxes as of 2010. They also stated that if all illegals were to obtain legal status that they would add an additional $20 million in taxes which is far from making up for the total cost incurred by illegals.

The final analysis for all costs incurred by illegal aliens came to $879 million a year for Ohio taxpayers. Mind you that was in 2012. Illegals have continued to pour into the United States and it only stands to reason that the cost now will exceed $900 million a year to handle illegal aliens.

If this is the cost for a state like Ohio, how much more is it costing states like California who is already facing a budget deficit of billions of dollars? How much is it costing Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Florida? The bottom line is that illegals are costing US taxpayers billions of dollars every year, and yet Obama and his fellow Democrats continue to welcome and protect them.


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