Illegals Cost US Taxpayers Over $90 Billion Per Year

Over the past several weeks I’ve posted how much illegals cost Ohio, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas and California taxpayers. The amounts were staggering to say the least, but someone asked me what is the annual cost to taxpayers incurred by illegals for the entire United States.

I turned to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). The figures they provided are listed in the graphic below. The number of illegals is based upon 2009 figures indicating that there were approximately 12,220,000 illegals in the US 6 years ago. The cost per state is based upon 2010 figures indicating that the total cost to US taxpayers was approximately $83,778,000,000 as of 5 years ago.

total cost of illegals

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Now consider the fact that the yearly cost to Ohio taxpayers in 2012 jumped from $563 million per year to $879 million per year. That’s an increase of $316 million (56%) in just 2 years.

In Texas, the yearly cost to taxpayers jumped from $8.878 billion per year in 2010 to $12.1 billion per year in 2013. That’s an increase of $3.222 billion (36.3%) per year in just 3 years.

In California, the yearly cost to taxpayers increased jumped from $21.755 billion per year in 2010 to $25.300 billion in 2014. That’s an increase of $3.544 billion (16.3%) per year in just 4 years.

Figuring that there were only 136.6 million tax returns filed in 2011, that means everyone that filed a tax return was paying $260 a year to support illegals.

If we calculate just a 10% annual increase from the total 2010 figures to now, that would put the annual cost at approximately $92.156 billion per year to handle all of Obama’s illegals. Figuring an estimated 140 million tax returns filed in 2015, the annual cost to every taxpayer has increased to $658 to provide for Obama’s illegals. Many families are like mine with two taxpayers – my wife and myself. Our combined annual cost for Obama’s illegals adds up to $1,316. I don’t know about you, but that upsets and offends me. That’s a lot of money for our household and I’m sure it is to most of you as well.

Illegals are costing us a more and more every year. I for one can’t afford to provide for them when I’m struggling to provide for my own household. I say that we deport all 12+ million illegals and telling them if they want the good life here then they must do it the legal way like millions of legal immigrants have done. Then use our military to extend the very effective border fence in Yuma, Arizona along the entire US-Mexico border and then use our military to protect the border. The Yuma border fence is reported to be over 90% effective in stopping illegal aliens and drug traffickers from entering the US. I’m sure we’d all like to see our annual cost for Obama’s illegals drop by 90%, wouldn’t you?

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