Illegals Flooding across Border Due to Obama’s Amnesty Promise

Two to three months prior to the 2014 midterm elections, Barack Obama started talking about using an executive order to give amnesty to the 11-15 million illegal aliens living in the US. Not wanting amnesty to be the reason for the Democrats to lose control of the Senate, Obama announced that he would wait until after the election to wield his dictatorial powers and pardon up to 15 million criminals (crossing into the US illegally is still a crime).

Now that the election is over and the Republicans have control of both the House and Senate, Obama is again saying that he is ready to grant amnesty to the illegals. Republican leaders have warned him that he would face a tough fight and create irreparable damage to any chance of them working with him on anything else if he uses his executive powers to grant amnesty, but Obama is as defiant as a strong willed two year old.

With the pending wave of Obama’s amnesty wand, the number of illegals crossing into the US has drastically increased. Shawn Moran with the National Border Patrol Council stated:

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“We definitely see increases in illegal aliens coming across the border when there is national talk of an amnesty.”

Moran explained that the huge influx of minors from Central America was the direct result of Obama’s failure to enforce immigration laws, saying:

“That was largely fueled by the idea that we were not enforcing our immigration laws, and if you got to this country, you could stay here.”

With that mindset, thousands of people from Mexico, Central and South America along with Africa and the Middle East are flooding into the US. With them come more cases of infectious Tuberculosis, Dengue Fever, chicken pox and the H1N1 swine flu. The evidence is being seen in the increased number of Border Patrol agents that are coming down with these diseases, including the infectious tuberculosis.

I’m really surprised that no cases of Ebola have been reported among the illegal aliens that have been coming here as well. Just imagine if one carrier of Ebola was among the groups of illegals crossing the border. That one person could infect others in the group who in turn would carry the deadly disease to parts unknown throughout the US. In the matter of a couple of months, we could have more cases than they are seeing in West Africa and it could all be started by one infected illegal, especially considering the fact that they often do seek immediate medical care when they first arrive.

The dangers are real and instead of securing the border to protect Americans, Obama keeps waving amnesty around as if it is an open invitation for thousands more illegals to gather here.

What would I do if I were president? I definitely would not even hint at granting amnesty. I would take whatever measures are necessary to secure our borders and stop the flood of illegals. If necessary I would station troops along the border with orders to stop all illegal trafficking by whatever means is prudent up to and including lethal force. After all, many illegals are armed and have shot at American law enforcement officers and citizens.

Then I would task all local, county, state and federal law enforcement personnel to round up every illegal, regardless of their age and deport them back to their own country. I would also bill the respective countries of origin of the illegals for the costs incurred of arresting, detaining, processing and deportation.

Once the illegals know that our border is closed and that they could get shot trying to cross it, I guarantee you that the flood of illegals would quickly become a trickle at best. I would place the safety and welfare of American citizens ahead of the illegals, unlike our current illegal occupying the White House. That’s what I would do if I were president.

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