Illegals to Get Millions in Tax Refunds Thanks to Obama

I’ve known of many illegal aliens who work for cash under the table and never report their income. They don’t pay taxes and their employers also don’t pay into income taxes, Social Security or Medicare. Quite often, the illegals keep enough money to live on and then send the rest back to family in their home countries.

I recall a contractor some years ago who told an American citizen that he had no job openings. The citizen suspected that many of the contractor’s workers were illegals, so he did a little surveillance and research and found out that he was indeed hiring illegals and paying them cash under the table. Each day, a van would pull up to a location and fill up with illegals and they weren’t always the same illegals each day. After taking video over several days, he turned the information over to the authorities and the contractor was arrested and fined. After being busted and fined for using illegal workers and paying them under the table, the contractor was forced to hire legal American citizens and pay them above board. The American citizen was then hired by the contractor, who had no idea who it was that turned him in, the citizen was able to put food on his table and provide for his family.

This is a scene that has been played out in far too many places around our country, especially in the southwestern states and under Obama’s delayed amnesty program, it’s going to happen even more.

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To add insult to injury, millions of illegal aliens will not only be allowed to remain illegally in the US, get state driver’s licenses, Social Security Numbers and bleed states of other vital benefits and assistance programs, but now they will be eligible to receive extra tax refunds from the IRS. Now that they will have a Social Security Number, they will be eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit for this past year, but IRS Commissioner John Koskinen has confirmed that illegals can also receive the tax credits for the three previous years. The maximum amount per year is $5,000.

Rodney Lee Conover explains how they do it:

“So… here’s how you do it: 1. Figure out how many years you’ve been in the country illegally; 2. Since you’ve been here illegally, there’s really no one to say how long that is, so just pick the maximum number; 3. File tax returns for those years; 4. Grab yourself some tasty Obama refunds courtesy of legal taxpaying Americans. You’re welcome!”

This opens up the tax credit system to be defrauded out of millions of dollars. Conover describes one such fraud:

“While many Americans struggle to earn a living or barely scrape by on unemployment and live in fear of IRS audits, in 2011, the IRS sent more than $46 million in tax refunds to 23,994 “unauthorized” alien workers who all listed the same address in Atlanta, GA.”

“The Atlanta address wasn’t the only one that received millions in tax refunds housing thousands; there were actually four addresses in Atlanta and six in other states that were issued anywhere from 1,846 to 23,994 tax refunds each.”

Once again we see a clear cut example of how Barack Obama and his fellow tyrant liberals are working to bilk millions of dollars from American citizens and bankrupt our nation. I still contend that they want an economic crisis in order for them to declare martial law, take over the country and establish their socialist government and giving illegals hundreds of millions of dollars that rightfully belong to legal American citizens is part of this horrendous plan.

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