Illegals Helping California Go Broke

The California Dream Act more properly known as Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act, was enacted to allow illegal alien students, residing in the illustrious land of nuts fruits and flakes, to apply for public financial aid.

When Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill into law, it was estimated that it would only cost the state around $14.5 million.  However, the state’s Legislative Analyst’s Office now estimates that the Dream Act will cost them around $65 million, over four times the amount that they originally estimated.

Considering California’s annual budget is around $130 billion, a difference of $50 million may not seem like a lot.  Yet one needs to realize that California is broke.  I’ve seen figures ranging from a deficit of $13 billion to $25 billion.  And I bet that when one takes time to carefully examine where all of the money is going, they will find a lot of different $50 million allocations throughout the budget.  When they get all added up, it turns into a significant figure.

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What’s more, this $65 million for public aid for illegal students, is not the only monies the state is pouring into the hands of illegals.  Under Obamacare, they also have to provide them with free medical care which will add up to significantly more than $65 million.  Then you have the added cost of the public school system having to educate nearly a million illegal children, their food stamp benefits, and the cost of the additional state staffers needed just to handle the increased volume of cases.

By the time all is said and done, illegals have to be costing California hundreds of millions of dollars which would most likely make up a large part of their annual deficit.

Oh yeah, I also forgot to add in the millions of dollars of lost taxes due to the thousands of illegals that get paid in un-reported cash.

If California and other states facing serious budget problems want to help reduce their deficits, then they need to stop rewarding illegals and save their revenues to take care of legal citizens who rightfully deserve it.

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