Illegals Hunting US Border Patrol Agents with Intent to Kill

On December 14, 2010, four US Border Patrol agents were patrolling an area a few miles north of the US-Mexico border in southern Arizona.  In the dark of night, they happened upon five illegal immigrants.  The agents spoke Spanish when they identified themselves of law enforcements officers.  Using thermal binoculars, US agents could see that at least two of the illegals were armed with rifles.  When the illegals failed to drop their weapons, two of the agents fired non-lethal beanbags at the illegals to stop them.  The illegals opened fire on the US agents resulting in the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

Information surfacing from a grand jury indictment reveals that the illegals were intentionally hunting US Border Patrol agents for the express purpose of killing them.

At least two of the illegals were carrying AK-47 semi-automatic rifles.  When the illegals opened fired, agent Terry called out to his fellow agents that he had been hit.  A moment later he said he couldn’t see his legs.  Terry had been shot in the back by one of the illegals and the bullet severed his aorta.  Agent Terry bled to death in a matter of moments.

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After the illegals fired at the Border Patrol agents, two agents returned fire, hitting one of the illegals in the abdomen and leg.  Manuel Osorio-Arellanes was captured and arrested.  The other four illegals escaped into the desert darkness.

Osorio-Arellanes admitted to FBI interrogators that all five illegals had been armed as they were on the hunt for the Border Patrol agents.  Records reveal that he was convicted of a felony aggravated assault in Phoenix, Arizona in 2006 plus he had been picked up twice in 2010 for being an illegal immigrant and had been returned to Mexico both times.

The federal records on this case have now been sealed along with the records of the judge who ordered them sealed.

With documented evidence indicating that illegals have taken to hunting US Border Patrol agents with the intent to kill should be understood as an act of war by the drug cartel against the US government and people, especially since it is occurring on US soil.

Unlike presidential candidate Ron Paul who believes that we should end our war on drugs, if I were president, I would take swift action to secure our borders and take military action against all those involved just as the US did with 9/11.

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