Illegals Kidnapping Americans on US Soil Thanks to Obama

Barack Obama’s open border policies have resulted in numerous criminal acts against American citizens. Illegals have shot and killed Americans, including law enforcement agents, robbed, beat, assaulted, raped and now kidnaped America citizens. What happens when the illegals are caught? Very little!

How many times have you heard of the same illegal alien re-crossing back into the US multiple times? Not just any illegal, but gang members and convicted felons. Obama’s immigration policy only invites these criminals to return time and again so they can continue to terrorize American citizens.

Consider the case of what happened to a 16 year old teen in Tucson, Arizona. A group of illegal aliens, accompanies by two US citizens, kidnapped the teenager off of a Tucson street. The teen was beaten, drugged and forced to drink enough tequila to make him sick and throw up. Their plan was to hold the teen for a ransom of $400,000 from the lad’s family, but his family wasn’t as wealthy as the kidnappers thought.

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Last week, law enforcement officials found the house where they believed the kidnapped teen was being held. They surrounded the house and managed to rescue the teen and arrested the kidnappers. Authorities believe that had they not rescued the boy when they did that the kidnappers would have killed him once they found out his family wasn’t rich.

The two Americans involved could face up to life sentences for their part in the crime. However, under the Obama administration, they’ll probably be back on the streets soon. One of the Americans already has two prior arrests for human trafficking, but he has never been prosecuted for either prior arrest.

As for the illegals, they will probably be issued an appearance ticket and released pending their deportation hearing. This will afford them to flee the area and escape prosecution and deportation. At least three of the illegals involved in kidnapping are repeat border crossers.

What happened to this Tucson teen is not an isolated case. Illegals and human traffickers have been kidnapping American citizens on an ever increasing frequency and using them for extortion or to sell as human slaves.

The Obama administration seems to be giving illegals and human traffickers free rein to carry out their heinous deeds with little to no consequences. He hasn’t done anything to secure the border or to prosecute criminals for repeatedly crossing our border illegally. When law enforcement begins to target these illegals, Obama sends his top legal puppet (Eric Holder) to file racial profiling charges against the law enforcement department.

When you add it all up, Obama cares nothing for the safety and well-being of American citizens while he protects and gives benefits to illegals. Sounds like a traitor to me.

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