Illinois Dem Too Dumb to Replace Jackson Jr?

Is there anyone in America that does not know that you cannot take a gun on an airplane and if you try to that it will be immediately spotted going through security?  Evidently, Illinois State Senator Donne Trotter is the only one who failed to understand it.

Trotter is Chairman of the Democratic Majority Caucus that controls the Illinois state senate.  He stepped into the national spotlight recently when he announced that he would run for the recently vacated seat of US Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

Earlier this week, Trotter attempted to board a flight at O’Hare International Airport that was bound for Washington DC.  As his carryon bag went through the luggage X-ray screening at the airport, TSA agents spotted a gun and clip in Trotter’s bag.  When they opened the bag, they found an unloaded .25 caliber Beretta and a clip containing six rounds of ammunition.

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Trotter was immediately arrested and taken into custody.  He is now facing a Class 4 felony charge for trying to take a gun and ammunition on board a commercial airline.  If convicted of a Class 4 felony, Trotter could face 1 to 3 years in prison.

When not pushing liberal progressive legislation on the floor of the state capital, Trotter works as a security officer at a security and detective agency in Chicago.  He is licensed to carry a firearm while at work and for an hour commuting time to and from work.  Upon his arrest, he showed his license to carry to TSA agents and then told them he didn’t realize the gun was in the bag when he packed it.

But if he carries the gun with him on his job, then it’s not in the bag, which means he had to have placed the gun in the bag when he was packing for his trip.  No matter how you look at it, Trotter’s actions are highly questionable as is his excuse.

So is Trotter smart enough or responsible enough to hold a seat in the US House of Representatives?  At first I would say no, but when you look at his predecessor and other not so bright light bulbs such as Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, perhaps Trotter’s lack of judgment would fit right in with the rest of them.

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