Illinois Students Demonstrate Failure of Public School System

For the past several decades, America’s public school system has intentionally strayed away from their primary purpose of educating kids and spending more emphasis on brainwashing them to accept anti-Christian values such as homosexuality along with socialist ideology. American history classes are teaching a false and altered history and that America is the enemy of the rest of world. They are taught globalism where they should be true to a one world government instead of being loyal to America. In many schools, students are taught that American patriotism is wrong. Science classes teach them they are nothing but the products of random chance evolution and that there is no God to be accountable to. Social sciences and health classes teach them that homosexuality is normal and often preferred. It teaches them that sex at any age is okay and you don’t have to tell your parents or even listen to what they say. They are taught in public schools that if you get pregnant, there are ways to get around state laws to have an abortion without parental knowledge or consent.

In Illinois, and probably many other states as well, the shift of emphasis is taking its toll on the actual education of students.

Many high school graduates first attend a community college instead of a regular college or university, generally because of financial reasons or that the community college has specialized programs. I know of one community college that offers a 2 year nursing degree that is rated better than the 4 year program at a nearby large university.

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However, a growing number of high school graduates in Illinois are not able to meet the basic educational requirements to handle community college courses. According to a recent report on the 40,000 high school 2013 Illinois graduates that enrolled in the state’s community colleges, 48.7% were required to take at least 1 remedial class to being them up to basic college level proficiency.

Reading was one of the areas of difficulty, requiring 16.1% of the students to take remedial classes to teach them how to read. To no surprise, 41.1% of Illinois high school graduates needed remedial math classes.

I blame part of that on the public schools and part on the fact that practically every student has a calculator to do the math for them. I’ve seen a number of young people working a cash register that couldn’t count the change back without the register telling them how much the change was needed. Ask them to do simple addition or subtraction and they instantly grab a calculator because they struggle to do simple math without it.

If the public schools spent as much time and effort actually teaching students the basic things they need in life like reading and math, instead of teaching them the perverted ways of the world, there would be little need for remedial college courses.

The failure of the public school systems mentioned above is just one of many reasons why I strongly advocate private and home schooling. Generally, students educated at home or in a private school test higher and are more prepared for college than public school students.

I also know that many parents are not able to homeschool or be able to afford private school so I strongly urge those parents to get involved with their kids public education. Go to the school, meet the teachers and ask to see the textbooks being used. Review their homework and keep an open and friendly line of communication with your kids. Let them know you care and be prepared to counter anti-Christian, anti-American and pro-socialist lessons they are being taught.

The public schools are failing your kids. Don’t you fail them too!

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