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Food Stamp Usage by Newly Arrived Immigrants Drops 10 Percent

Law School Stops ICE Internship Program To Prevent Illegal Alien Students From Feeling ‘Unsafe’

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy Doles Out $2M For Illegal Aliens Facing Deportation

Trump Approves of Use of Deadly Force by U.S. Military on the Border

Mexican Government Now Deporting ‘Criminal’ Caravan Members

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Immigrant Versus American: Fragmenting America’s Culture

Troops Install Fencing & Barbed Wire Along US-Mexico Border

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Violence Breaks Out In Tijuana As The First Wave Of Migrant Caravan Arrives

Illegal Aliens Cost the U.S.A. $18.5 BILLION a Year in Health Care Costs

Mexican Citizens Begin Throwing Rocks at Invading ‘Caravan Migrants’

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CNN, Networks, Even Fox News, Ban Trump’s Totally TRUE ‘Caravan Ad’

Lawless ACLU Sues Montana Sheriff for Following Legal Immigration Laws

Head of U.S. Northern Command: This Caravan Is Violent

Caravan Filled with Terrorists, MS 13, Drug Smugglers & Welfare Seekers

Illegals Attempt To Enter At Your Own Risk

Anti-American Organizations Hand Out Cash to Illegal Aliens as Honduran Caravan Grows to Over 4,000

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