Immigration Officials Illogical and Ill Equipped

The more you read and hear about US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the more they seem to be nothing more than a token effort at fighting illegal immigration instead of an official US government agency charged with protecting America from illegal aliens.

In the latest episode of ineptness, ICE officials announced that they only have enough space to house to about ten percent of the illegal aliens that they are processing for deportation.  According to their figures, ICE is supposedly handling around 300,000 illegal aliens, but only have enough beds for 34,000.

If you detained 300,000 illegal aliens knowing you only had room to house ten percent of them, what would you do?  As for me, I’d double, triple and quadruple bunk them all together.  I’d pack them in like sardines if necessary.  Next, I would do everything possible to expedite their processing and then bus them back to the nearest border and send them home.  I would also let them know that a second offense would result in ten years of prison without probation or parole.

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But that’s not how our most efficient government operates.  Instead, ICE gives some of them bonds, others tracking devices and the rest are released on their own recognizance.  Can you imagine releasing someone who is already here in the US illegally and telling them to make sure they show up for their deportation hearing?  That’s like telling someone to make sure they show up at a later time so you can beat the dickens out them.

Knowing they have this tremendous lack of processing facilities, our all wise president announces that he wants to cut the ICE budget, reducing (not increasing) the number of beds to process illegals.  Since the number of illegals crossing the borders seems to be steadily increasing, that means that even more them will be arrested and released on their own recognizance, i.e. putting them back out on the streets to continue in their illegal pursuits of stealing from the American people.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement is already ill equipped to do its job and our illogical president plans to make the situation worse.  This further demonstrates that Barack Obama cares more for illegal aliens than he does for legal US citizens, which is one of hundreds of reasons we need to prevent him from being re-elected in November.

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