Immigration Reform Bill To Create Photo Database of Everyone Except Poor Blacks

The immigration reform bill that has been introduced into the Senate and is currently under debate is over 800 pages long. Like Obamacare there are a number of things buried deep and hidden within those 800 pages of legal talk.

One of those secrets is the implementation known as the ‘photo tool.’ Although it sounds harmless it’s a huge step to the Big Brother style of government that many of us fear. Photo tool is a program that establishes a federal database of every American with a driver’s license or state issued photo ID. Along with a photo the database will contain the person’s name, age, Social Security number, and who knows what other information. The scariest part is that this photo tool database will be administered by the Department of Homeland Security, the same organization that it has been amassing billions of rounds of ammunition and thousands of automatic assault rifles.

The justification behind the photo tool program is that every employer would be required to look up any person applying for a job to see if they are in the system and to verify who they are and that they have the legal right to work in the United States. Supposedly this would be for the sole purpose of the database but you know as well as I do that the federal government will use it for other purposes.

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What’s to stop the Department of Homeland Security from using the biometric information in the database for facial recognition in their nationwide video monitoring of American citizens? What is to stop the government from integrating the photo tool database with gun registration, permit applications to own guns and concealed carry permits? Then when they do pass their massive gun-control laws don’t they have all the information they need including our photos and all personal information when they come for our guns?

What also bothers me about this database is that it will only contain the photos of people with proper photo identification. But as we all know our socialist Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice have fought against photo IDs for voter registration by claiming that it discriminated against millions of poor black Americans. So if I read this right they will be excluded from the photo tool database while the rest of us will find ourselves under the scrutiny of Big Brother.

The Immigration Reform bill is very bad and a very dangerous piece of legislation. It is going to cost us over $6 trillion in the next few years as well as jobs, security, and our privacy. We need to fight this bill with everything we have. We need to contact our representatives and senators in Washington and demand that they vote NO on the immigration bill and it needs to be done NOW!

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