Impeachment Pie, Anyone? Auntie Maxine Just Got Some Bad News!

Maxine Waters is high on the list of despicable politicians. The ‘poverty pimp’ just got a dose of her own medicine after she spotted an “Impeach Maxine Waters” right outside her very own town hall, in Inglewood, California.

People are fed up with the ridiculous shenanigans of the left, and they are finally speaking out about it! Te first real step was when we voted to elect Donald Trump as president. The next step is draining the swamp!

Here is the posted sign that was hung outside the town hall:

This is pure gold! Are people in Inglewood waking up quicker than the rest of the country??

I think one of the funniest parts is that liberals actually got butthurt that President Trump getting two scoops of ice cream while others were serve one scoop was unfair! Seriously?

Maxine has been preaching for Trump’s impeachment….but it’s beginning to look like hers may be the one coming!


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