In Obama Administration, It’s Spy Vs. Spy

It’s not just us common citizens the Obama Administration has been spying on. The paranoid-in-chief has ordered government workers to watch each other and report their findings to their superiors, under threat of criminal charges.

Under the Insider Threat Program, begun by executive order in 2011, federal employees are ordered to scrutinize their co-workers for “high-risk” behaviors. The order applies to just about every federal agency, including those that have nothing to do with national security.

The order was issued after hundreds of government documents were given to Wikileaks by an Army private.

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McClatchy news service obtained documents about the previously undisclosed program that calls for investigations to begin whenever employees exhibit “indicators of insider threat behavior” and are reported to higher-ups. Also any suspicious computer activity can trigger an investigation.

As part of the program, employees are told to watch co-workers for “lifestyles, attitudes and behaviors – like financial troubles, odd working hours or unexplained travel” that might indicate intent to act against U.S. interests, according to McClatchy.

Investigators are granted access to personnel records, records of computer use, travel reports, financial disclosure forms and polygraph results.

The Administration is  pretending that the program is based on scientifically proven factors, as opposed to just paranoid fear — that the program is rationally targeted, rather than creating a culture that uses a shotgun approach in hopes of hitting a genuine spy or intelligence threat.

Some scientific advisers have questioned whether the methods will work at all.

It’s also more than a little hypocritical for an Administration that won’t allow profiling by security agents hunting terrorists at our nation’s airports to turn around and teach its employees how to profile each other in government offices.

More and more, this Administration is resembling the police state of Orwell’s “1984” rather than an American presidency.

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