Increased Poverty Key Step to Socialism

Yesterday, Tad Cronin wrote about the latest report stating that the U.S. poverty level has risen from 15.1% in 2010 to 15.7% in 2012.

While that figure may not seem significant to you, allow me to put it real numbers.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Population Clock Projection, the current population of the United States is 314,000,000.  15.1% of 314,000,000 means that there was 47,141,000 American living at or below the poverty level in 2010.  In 2012, that figure rose to 49,298,000, for a net increase of 2,157,000 people in just 2 years.

At the rate our economy and job markets are faltering, that number of people that will find themselves living at or below the official poverty level will continue to increase faster and faster.

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But would you be surprised if I told you that this is exactly what Barack Obama and his hidden political agenda wants?

If you study the history of socialism, you will find that in the vast majority of instances, there was a relatively high rate of poverty in those nations when socialism took control.  When people are beaten down financially, professionally and emotionally, they are more easily persuaded by the promises and lies of a socialistic power scheme.

Obama needs the American people to feel broken and hopeless in order for him to fully implement his socialistic government.  Frighteningly, we are a lot closer to reaching that position than many people think and once we do reach it, the end of American freedom will be at hand.  Obama has already used executive orders to give him absolute control of the nation in case of an emergency.

If he is re-elected for a second term, he will created that emergency and use the powers he has already granted himself to seize control of the government and all forms of communication.  Don’t forget that Obama’s mentor growing up was Frank Marshall Davis, a card carrying communist, who Obama has modeled many of his economic policies after.

So when you read the reports of the poverty level increasing, don’t just brush it off as minor.  It represents 2 million Americans and it also moves us that much closer to socialist rule.  The only way to stop it is to remove the head of the socialist snake by sending Barack Obama packing come this November.

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