Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles Bullied by Gay Group

Many states now accept applications for specialized license plants.  For organizations, there is an application process that must be followed.

Last year, the Indiana Youth Group applied for specialized license plates.  Their application was turned down.

In the past when such a request was turned down, the proper channel to follow was for the group to take their petition to the state legislature.  “Choose Life” and “In God We Trust” applications had both been turned down on their initial applications.  Both license plate requests were then taken to the legislature where they were both approved and you will see their plates on cars in Indiana today.

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However, the Indiana Youth Group are not like most groups that follow the laws and normal procedures, which should be to no surprise as this is a gay activist group that recruits and promotes homosexuality.  Instead of taking their case to the state legislature like everyone else, they got the ACLU (should stand for Anti-Christian Lawyers Association) involved and filed suit against the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Indiana Youth Group is a gay activist group that actively recruits kids as young as 12 years of age.  They tell them that any sexual confusion or homosexual desires they have are normal and should be openly explored further.

Being faced with the lawsuit filed by the gay activist group, the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles caved in and reversed their decision, thus approving the new license plate.  Part of the funds received by the Indiana BMV will go to funding the establishment of Gay-Straight Alliance clubs in high schools throughout the state of Indiana.

This is another example of the extreme measures that gay activists groups will go to in order to get their sinful lifestyles accepted by the general public and various government agencies.

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