Indiana Governor Says Common Core Must Go

For months we have heard of one problem after another with the Common Core Standards.  Reading materials seemed to promote and endorse rape, incest and pedophilia.  Other reading material was pure pornography.  It encourages students to inform teachers about their parentsMath isn’t about right answers but dictating process.  It teaches students to love and obey the government, not their parents.

There is overwhelming evidence that the purpose behind Common Core has nothing to do with actually educating your kids, but to brainwash them to be loyal socialists when they grow up.  Common Core is so bad and politically motivated that Paul LePage, Governor of Maine, regrets signing it into law.

Now there is at least one governor that is taking action to remove Common Core from his state.  In his state of the state speech, Governor Mike Pence of Indiana told Hoosier residents he wants to get rid of the Common Core Standards.  In place of Common Core, Pence said he would like to see the state’s own standards be used as the guideline for educating Indiana’s children.  Pence stated:

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“When it comes to setting standards for schools, I can assure you, Indiana’s will be uncommonly high. They will be written by Hoosiers, for Hoosiers, and will be among the best in the nation.  Hoosiers have high expectations when it comes to Indiana schools. That’s why Indiana decided to take a time-out on national education standards.”

A number of conservatives are hailing Pence’s decision to replace Common Core Standards with their own.  One of those is Jane Robbins with American Principle Project who has been an outspoken critic against Common Core.  She told OneNewNow:

“The grassroots there have been just extraordinary.  They have had so much participation all over the state by a lot of different groups, parents and grandparents and generally citizens who are just concerned about the state of education in Indiana, and they built the political pressure to an enormous level.”

“If Indiana gets out, and more states start to pull out – and states are already pulling out of the testing that goes with it – it’s just a house of cards, and it doesn’t take too many cards being pulled out, before the whole thing tumbles down.”

Hopefully other governors like LePage will follow Pence’s example and do away with the insidious Common Core Standards.  They need to put the children of their state ahead of politics and Obama’s socialist agenda.  A nation can be lost in one generation depending upon the teaching of that generation and Common Core is definitely not the direction America needs to go.

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