Indiana Governor to Protect Religious Rights of Hoosiers

Over the past decade, we’ve seen far too many reports of Christians having their religious rights violated by Selective Allowable Discrimination. Gay activists have pressed for preferential treatment and rights that trump the rights of Christians. They know that Christianity is one of their biggest enemies because it reveals the truth about their sinful lifestyle. With liberals running our government and courts, homosexuals have been successful in their battle against the truth and for the most part, Christians have allowed it to happen.

At least one politician is vowing to protect the religious freedoms of his people in the face of today’s liberalism.

Gov. Mike Pence, the conservative leader of Indiana delivered his State of the State address. Pence’s address also included statements about the state’s strong economy and comments about Obama’s gun control measures.

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In his address, Pence reiterated his conservative stand on religious rights, saying:

“I will not support any bill that diminishes the religious freedom of Hoosiers or that interferes with the constitutional rights of our citizens to live out their beliefs in worship, service or work.”

And according to the Indy Star:

“He asserted that Indiana is already ‘an open and welcoming state that respects everyone’ and said he believes ‘that no one should be harassed or mistreated because of who they are, who they love, or what they believe.’”

“‘And,’ he added later, ‘no one should ever fear persecution because of their deeply held religious beliefs.’”

“‘The issues confronting our state are complex,’ Pence said, ‘but I believe if we will hew to our roots, stand firm on the freedoms bequeathed to us by our founders, if we confront the challenges before us with common sense and craft Indiana solutions to improve the lives of Hoosiers, we will move forward together.’”

The problem is that gay rights activists don’t use common sense and generally are not willing to be tolerable or work with Christians to insure that their rights are not infringed. Like I stated above, homosexuals don’t want equality, they want superiority. They also want to crush Christian rights and authority because it reveals how abominable they are in the eyes of God.

Gay activists will fight Pence at every step and take him to court to force him to comply with their anti-Christian demands and in today’s liberal judicial system, they’ll most likely succeed. At least Pence is willing to take a stand and try to protect our religious rights. Not many politicians today are willing to stick their political careers on the line for what’s right and constitutional.

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