Ingraham: ‘Dems are Desperate for Trump to Fire Mueller’

Democrats are sweating as they are starting to realize that President Trump isn’t falling for the “fire Mueller” rouse.

Political commentator Lara Ingraham said that they are revealing how desperate they are as they continuously “remind” and warn Trump not to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. They are pulling the reverse psychology card, and failing miserably.

Trump and his administration have stated several times that he has no plans to fire Mueller.

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“Don’t be deceived for a nanosecond by the Democrats’ dramatic warnings that the president better not fire special prosecutor Mueller,” Ingraham said, “They’re actually hoping he’ll do just that.”

Fox News Insider reports: 

She explained that the credibility of Mueller’s Russia probe has been tarnished by a series of bombshell reports.

“The anti-Trump bias of the investigators is off-the-charts,” Ingraham added, “Firing Mueller may be the Democrats’ only hope at this point. There’s only one problem for them: the president isn’t falling for it. He outsmarts them every time.”

Ken Starr, the independent counsel in the Whitewater investigation, agreed that Trump will not fire Mueller, although some of his supporters are advising him to do so.

“We don’t need another ‘Saturday Night Massacre,'” Starr said, referring to Richard Nixon’s 1973 firing of a special prosecutor and the resignation of his attorney general during the Watergate scandal.

Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz echoed remarks he made earlier this week and said that the White House actually has Mueller right where they want him.

“What they’re doing is keeping the pressure on Mueller, they’re questioning his integrity, they’re challenging whether he had conflicts of interest, they’re questioning whether he should have gotten a warrant,” Dershowitz said. “They’re hoping that since they’re putting pressure on him and he has such concern about his reputation that he may lean over backwards in a close case to support the Trump side.”

“The last thing Trump should do and, I think, would do is fire Mueller at this point.”

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