More Insurance Lost Than Gained Under Obamacare

Wasn’t the whole excuse for Obamacare that people without insurance were showing up in emergency rooms, often when a little preventive care could have avoided the illness entirely?

Now under Obamacare, there’s probably going to be a whole lot more of those emergency room visits.

Instead of doing something sensible like just putting those unpaid emergency room visits through Medicare or giving hospitals a tax break or compensation for charity cases, we wound up with this huge cluster screwup called Obamacare.

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Now hundreds of thousands of people who had their own insurance are being dropped because the plans don’t meet the new regulations.

That might not have become a problem if people were willing or able to sign up for the new Bureaucracare in large numbers, but guess what? The government website peddling our new tax compliance certificates (which is really what those Obamacare policies are) doesn’t work.

In fact, the latest estimate is that it will cost over $1 billion to fix

Now, I’ve done some web work. Do you know how difficult it is to create a functioning website that will present visitors with reams of information, give them a choice of products to purchase, sign them up for mailing lists and record their information into a large database?

Try “not at all.”

John Boehner’s prediction of a few days ago that more people would lose insurance under Obamacare than would sign up is coming true so far.

According to Forbes, in just three states — California, Pennsylvania and Florida — more than half a million people have been notified that they are losing coverage, while in all 50 states combined, only 475,000 have been suckered in.

Insurance industry estimates of the total number who will lose their insurance range from 14 million to 16 million, incredible figures when the whole debacle was allegedly designed to cover the 26 million or so who didn’t have insurance in Obama’s first year in office.

Now the White House and Democratic Party are calling for a delay in many of the coming deadlines for Obamacare, when only days ago they were vilifying the GOP and Tea Party for saying the same thing.

As Obama and his liberal pals have said so many times, too bad, it’s the law, the people have spoken, now you deal with it.

Give it another day or two, they’ll figure out some way to blame it on President Bush.

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