Iowa’s Congressman King Challenging Obama’s Immigration Dictate in Court

Barack Obama has abused the privilege of executive order more than any other president in history and he’s done it in only three and half years.  He is using executive orders to bypass Congress and set law all by himself.  A number of these orders actually violate the US Constitution.  In reality, Barack Obama has set himself up as the first dictator of the United States.

In his latest dictate, he waved his sacred hand over the masses and suddenly nearly one million illegal immigrants are told that they will not be deported if they meet HIS criteria.  He didn’t care what federal immigration law says.  He didn’t care what Congress says.

Most conservatives believe that this was nothing more than a political ploy to win the vote of illegal Hispanics.  Yes, Obama and the Justice Department have set up a system that will allow illegal aliens to register to vote, even though federal law forbids it.  Just this month Florida started to purge illegals and other non-citizens as well as dead people from their voter registration rolls, but US Attorney General Eric Holder ordered them to stop.  Why would Holder stop a state, especially one with a large number of illegal aliens, to purge people that cannot or should not vote, from their rolls unless they need those votes to secure an Obama win in November?

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Well, we finally have one politician who has the cajonies to stand up to Obama’s dictatorial rule.  Iowa Rep Steve King, a Republican, has announced that he is planning on asking a federal court to block Obama’s order because he believes it unconstitutional for Obama to make such an order without Congress.  He points out that the DREAM Act, a piece of legislation that would have extended many of the same benefits found in Obama’s executive order, was defeated in Congress.  When Obama bypassed Congress and ignored that they would not pass the DREAM ACT, he was creating new law by means of executive order, which is a direct violation of the US Constitution.

In an interview with WND, King said,

“I don’t need Congress to defend the Constitution.”

“Barack Obama’s executive order defies the will of the American people.  Congress has considered and refused to pass the DREAM Act.”

“Obama has directly challenged the separation of powers, a principle fundamental to the Constitution.  If we stand by and allow Obama to succeed, we might as well get out a black pen and start marking out those parts of the Constitution Obama finds offensive to him.”

“I intend to file a legal action in the courts as soon as possible, before Obama has a chance to do even more damage to the Constitution.”

King has said that if no other politician joins him in filing for an injunction to block Obama’s no-deportation, he is prepared to go it alone.  When he served as a state senator in 1999, he took similar action against then Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack who had issued a state executive order concerning discrimination in government offices.  A judge later ruled in King’s favor, stating that Vilsack had indeed exceeded his authority when issuing the order.  King is hoping for a similar outcome this time with Obama.

Sen Chuck Grassley, (R-IA) has not said whether or not he will join King in taking legal action against Obama, but he did issue this statement concerning Obama’s actions,

“The president once denied that he had the legal authority to do this, and Congress was assured more than once that the administration would consider individuals for this sort of deferred status on a case-by-case basis only, and that there was no plan to implement a broad-based program.  It seems the president has put election-year politics above responsible policies.”

Every one of us need to contact our US Representative and Senator and tell them to join Rep Steve King in taking Barack Obama to court for his violation and abuse of the US Constitution.  Obama has to be stopped now before he starts issuing more executive orders and firmly establishes his dictatorship.  Write and call your politicians in Washington.  Contact your governor and insist that they also get involved as this affects every state in the land.

Please, please, please, help us STOP OBAMA NOW!

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