Iran Gives Kerry the Old Taqiyya Tease

Memories are short in Washington, as shown by developments in the Obama Administration’s so-called deal with Iran.

In all the years of negotiating with Palestinian leaders and other radical Muslims about “peace” in the Middle East, there has been a pattern in which the Muslims pretend to negotiate in good faith then turn around and set things back to square one.

Typically, the Muslim game involves issuing a list of demands that they promise will, if followed, lead to peace.

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The role of Americans in this game is to roll over, compromise and twist themselves in knots to meet the demands. It’s bonus points for the Muslims if the demands include making Israel compromise, such as on settlements, boundaries, sanctions, etc.

Then, once the Muslims get everything they asked for and the American negotiators have announced a breakthrough, one of the Muslim leaders pops up like a meerkat and announces that the Americans have misrepresented something, haven’t met one of the requirements for an agreement, or that some recent event changes everything.

One way or another, a whole new list of demands is suddenly on the table and the cycle begins again.

That pattern began back in the Carter Administration, when the Iranians were holding Americans hostage and making President Carter look like the monkey he was. It’s plagued every presidency since, though less so with the Reagan Administration, which had a tendency to just bomb people who tried Reagan’s patience.

The Iranians now have provided just such a lesson in Islamic diplomacy to Secretary of State John Kerry, who has been boasting of a landmark deal with Iran over its nuclear development program.

In an interview on CNN, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Wednesday said the Obama Administration has got the agreement all wrong and has been lying to the public about it.

“We did not agree to dismantle anything,” Zarif said.

I imagine this caused a spit take at the Kerry residence. After all, as recently as last weekend, Kerry was bragging that he’d gotten the Iranians to agree to get rid of some of their enriched uranium stockpiles and to “dismantle some infrastructure that makes higher-level uranium enrichment possible.”


Call it the Taqiyya Tease. Taqiyya is a practice delineated in the Quran which encourages Muslims to lie to infidels if it furthers the cause of Islam. Mullahs over the centuries have expanded greatly on the Quranic teaching, and American ambassadors since the beginning of the United States have grappled with the fact that their Muslim counterparts frankly often lie through their teeth.

High-level talks between countries always involve teams of negotiators and translators who work together to very carefully lay out the precise language of agreements. In other words, it’s highly unlikely that even the incompetent Team Obama misunderstood what was agreed upon.

If anything, they misunderstood the nature of the people they were dealing with. That’s a problem that could have been resolved simply by a familiarity with the Quran and history.

But this Administration is naive in ways previous Administrations never dreamed of, and most of that stems from the inexperience and narcissism at the top. President Obama sincerely believes that he should be able to solve the world’s problems simply by virtue of his own wonderfulness.

Because of Obama’s Muslim upbringing, he also believes he knows Islam and has a special currency with Muslims. If anything, his history since taking office shows that Muslims regard him as a boob and useful tool, nothing else.

On CNN, Zarif said, “The White House version both underplays the concessions and overplays Iranian commitment.” Note the bit about underplaying concessions. Zarif is laying the new list of demands on the table.

He even included a veiled threat, calling the agreement “reversible.”

Thus the next round of the game begins. The question is whether this Administration is capable of acknowledging that it is being played.

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