Iran Making Fools of Obama and Kerry over Nuke Deal

Virtually everyone in America with a brain and the ability to reason knew the Iran Nuclear Deal was a really bad idea and that it would hurt the US. But no one has ever accused Barack Obama or John Kerry of being able to reason or listen to the wise advice of others.

Senate and House Republicans warned Obama that the nuke deal he agreed to would come back to bite the US in the butt and it hasn’t taken long for them to be proven right. In fact, it’s John Kerry’s own State Department that got bit really hard by the Iranians.

In the past month, the Iranians have taken two more Americans hostage bringing the total of Americans being held hostage and charged with espionage at 5. One of the two latest hostages was forced by the Iranians to unlock his laptop which the Iranian Revolutionary Guard used to launch a massive cyberattack against the State Department’s Office of Iranian Affairs.

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In response to Iran’s hostage taking and cyberattack, some members of Congress are calling for new sanctions to be placed on Iran, especially targeting the Revolutionary Guard officials responsible for the attack. Instead, Obama and Kerry continue to lift sanctions and free up billions of dollars to the nation who hates and wants to destroy us.

The moment Obama or Kerry says anything about the actions of the Iranians; the militant Islamic regime threatens to back out of Obama’s nuke deal. Of course neither Obama nor Kerry can afford to allow that to happen because they would lose what little face they have left in international affairs. Some reporters are using the word ‘blackmail’ to describe what Iran is doing to Obama.

In the meantime, Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran continues to pursue his desire to destroy America. His government has been taking action to deter Iranians from having any business ties to America. They even went so far as to shut down the first KFC to open in Tehran after only 1 day of operation. Even though the chicken restaurant is part of the Turkish KFC corporation and not the US corporation, the Iranian government said there were too many things in the KFC that looked American.

The Iranians are making international fools of Barack Obama and John Kerry and rightfully so. However, Obama and Kerry are too impotent to do what’s right for our nation and the American people. They refuse to protect the American people against the millions of illegals in our country. Instead they give the illegals, including criminal illegals, more benefits than most Americans receive. Now they refuse to protect Americans abroad from Islamic terrorists and extremists and give them billions of dollars in the process.

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