Iran Smacks Obama Upside the Head, Gets Praised by President

(Update: The American sailors were reportedly released this morning.)

Let’s see. President Obama cuts a “deal” with Iran for them to stop working on a nuke that would let them blow a crater in the Earth’s crust where Israel is (or where Washington, D.C., currently squats).

Iran continues to threaten to destroy Israel, America and the rest of civilization with the nuclear weapon Obama says they are no longer working on.

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Obama plans to praise them for said “deal” in front of the entire world during the annual State of the Union address.

Just hours before that speech, Iran captures two U.S. Navy boats and kidnaps 10 sailors.

Obama then proceeds to praise Iran for agreeing to the nuclear “deal” that he claims allowed him to help the world avoid a war.

Obviously, our president is used to being bullied.

It’s almost battered spouse syndrome. The only thing missing is the part where he says it’s all his fault and that he ran into a door.

If ever there was a time to man up, lock and load, saddle up the horses … Obama just missed it completely.

Obama just praised the people who hours earlier smacked him upside the head, and everybody was aware of it.

“Ten American sailors have been taken into custody in Iran,” said Sen. John McCain. “But President Obama completely omitted this latest example of Iran’s provocative behavior so as not to interfere with his delusional talking points about his dangerous nuclear deal with Iran.”

So while Obama sucked up air time telling the world what a swell job he’s done, nobody serious was buying it.

Word is that John Kerry’s State Department thinks the sailors will be released this morning, possibly without their boats.

CNN quoted an unnamed senior-level Administration official (probably afraid to be associated with this president) as saying there didn’t appear to be any hostile intent on the part of the Iranians.

Iran. Captured. Two. Navy. Boats. Kidnapped. Ten. Sailors. And. Took. Their. Stuff.

But there was no hostile intent.

“Delusional” is probably too nice a word.

There’s a better, more accurate, if somewhat colloquial, word.

Starts with “B,” rhymes with “itch.” That’s what Obama is to Iran’s leadership.


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