IRS to Congress: Oops, We Did It Again

Despite the near impossibility of it happening, the IRS lost the emails of Lois Lerner, the central figure in the IRS targeting scandal, in a computer crash, including those she sent to addresses outside the IRS, such as the White House, that might have led to whoever gave Lerner her orders.

So, the math question of the day is, what is Impossible times 7?

Because now, according to Republicans on the congressional Ways and Means Committee, which is investigating the scandal, the IRS is claiming that it has also lost the emails of six other people who are subjects of the probe in an utterly amazing string of computer crashes.

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Among the lost emails are those from Nikole Flax, the chief of staff to former IRS commissioner Steven Miller.

A batch of emails that were obtained by Judicial Watch through a Freedom of Information Act rquest, revealed that Flax greenlighted a meeting between Lerner and Department of Justice officials to explore criminally prosecuting targeted conservative nonprofit groups for allegedly engaging in political activity.

Republicans on the Ways and Means Committee, as well as the Oversight Committee, are livid because the IRS reportedly knew since February that it had “lost” the emails, but only told Congress this past Friday.

So we’re expected to believe that an agency that successfully processes hundreds of millions of tax returns every year, yet is capable of catching whether you incorrectly filled in Line 38C with a substantial rate of accuracy, and which stores all that data for years without a problem, cannot find copies of the emails of the seven people who just happen to be under investigation by Congress for breaking the law?

We’re further expected to believe that this is NOT a coverup of any sort. …

Supposedly, Lerner wrote in an email to tech staff trying to recover data from her hard drive, “Sometimes stuff just happens.”

That’s true. Sometimes stuff just happens.

And sometimes stuff just happens because Dr. No got caught and has activated the self-destruct sequence.

I’m thinking maybe Dr. No right now is sitting in his comfy chair in the Oval Office, hoping to God nobody finds those emails. …


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