IRS Hypocrisy: Tax Cheaters Go To Jail, Unless Employed by IRS

If you are caught intentionally cheating on your federal income taxes, the IRS is all too happy to send you to jail for your horrible crime. But if you work the IRS and are caught cheating on your taxes, chances are you will not serve a single second behind bars.

A recently released report from the Inspector General for the IRS revealed the hypocrisy of the federal department of extortion. Mark Hyman summarizes their finding:

“According to federal law, tax-cheating IRS employees must be terminated.  Although the IRS Commissioner is permitted to hand-down lesser punishment.”

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“Let’s see how they did.”

“During the period of 2004 through 2013 the IG found:”

“Nearly 130,000 cases that raised red flags.”

“13,000 were identified as potentially willful non-compliance with tax rules.”

“Almost 1600 employees were determined to have cheated on their taxes.”

“400 were fired.”

“220 resigned or were allowed to retire.’

“The nearly 1,000 remaining received lesser punishment including suspensions, reprimands or counseling.”

“You could possibly go to jail for cheating on your taxes.  However, some IRS employees who cheat will only be counseled.”

“Here’s the kicker.  More than 100 of these tax cheats were promoted, given time-off awards, or received monetary bonuses.”

“When it comes to the IRS, there are two Americas.”

Keep in mind this is the same IRS that intentionally targeted tea party, conservative and Christian organizations applying for tax exempt status. In many cases, not only did the IRS purposely delay the process, but they did their best to extort information from them including full membership lists.

At the same time, the IRS ignored the fact that Malik Obama, Barack’s half-brother, illegally ran a non-profit for nearly three years before being forced to file for non-exempt status. It only took the IRS 28 days to process and approve Malik’s application while taking 2-3 years to process and approve applications from conservatives and Christians.

This is also the same IRS that started running unwarranted audits of many Republicans who contributed to Mitt Romney’s campaign in 2012. Some of those donors were audited more than once in a single year.

Hyman is right that in the eyes of the IRS, there are two different Americas, one they protect and one they persecute.


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