IRS to Restrict First Amendment Right to Free Speech

Have you ever thought of the IRS as Obama’s Darth Vader?  There is one scene in the Star Wars movies where Vader is speaking with the Emperor and he says ‘What is thy bidding my master?’  The Emperor tells Vader what to do and Vader sets out to do his master’s bidding.

When the IRS scandal of targeting conservatives, patriots, Romney supporters and Christians broke, it was soon learned that then IRS Director Douglas Schulman had made the most visits to the White House than any other member of Obama’s cabinet.  Schulman made 157 visits to the White House while the next closest Cabinet visitor was acting Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank with only 86 visits.  Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez made 83 visits, Penn Pritzker, nominee for Secretary of Commerce made 76 visits and Obama’s puppet Attorney General Eric Holder only made 62 visits to see his puppet master.

One has to wonder why Schulman was such a frequent visitor to the Obama residence, especially making 71 more visits than any other cabinet member.

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The obvious answer is that Obama gave his Darth Vader specific instructions to target the Tea Party, patriotic and Christian organizations seeking non-profit tax exemptions.  Many of these organizations took 2-3 years to receive their non-profit status while Obama’s half-brother with links to terrorist organizations only took 34 days, and that was after illegally operating as a non-profit for over two years.  Not only did the IRS harass and purposely delay granting non-profit status to these groups, they illegally sought personal information such as membership lists and tried to extort them to agree to be silent concerning political matters.  Additionally, the Vader led IRS began unreasonable audits of many people who were big donors to Romney and various GOP related super PACs.

Now it seems that Obama has sent his Darth Vader to trample out the First Amendment rights of many conservative and Republican related non-profit groups.  Most likely at the request of the evil Emperor that’s enthroned in the White House, the IRS is considering new rules and regulations that will muzzle some non-profit groups and basically undermine their principle goals.

The new rules, if adopted would bar non-profits from endorsing or giving any advice on which political candidates or issues to vote for or against.  It would also establish a blackout period before the elections where none of them would be allowed to speak a word about political issues.

Mat Staver, Chairman of Liberty Counsel Action commented about the new rules being considered, saying:

“Now what we’re seeing is even worse because the proposed regulations would silence 501(c)(4) issue advocacy organizations, such as Liberty Counsel Action and others,” warns Staver. “It would not only silence them but also silence anyone who works for an organization even when they are volunteering on their own time apart from the organization.”

“Literally this is a complete shutdown of organizations that have historically been able to engage in issue advocacy and political activity – organizations that have actually been approved by the United States Supreme Court as having the right under the First Amendment to engage in expressive activity, including religious perspectives and political viewpoints.”

In America’s colonial days, the vast majority of news, especially political news, was told to the people from the pulpits of churches throughout the colonies.  Pastors spoke about the British tyranny and spread the news about the war to gain independence from Great Britain.  The clergy of the day were often referred to as the ‘black regiment’ because of the black robes they wore in the pulpit.

One Lutheran pastor, John Muhlenberg took the pulpit one day wearing his black ministerial robe and told him congregation:

“The Bible tells us there is a time for all things and there is a time to preach and a time to pray but the time for me to preach has passed away, and there is a time to fight, and that time has come now. Now is the time to fight! Call for recruits! Sound the drums!”

He took off his robe to reveal the uniform of a Virginia Colonel.  He picked up his musket, put on his colonel’s hat and marched to the doors at the back of the church.  Over 90% of the men at that church joined him as they marched off to help win America’s freedom.

This is what Obama and his liberal Democrats are afraid of.  They don’t want the conservative pastors and leaders to stir up the people against them.  They don’t want to see another American Revolution that fought against the same kind of tyranny then as we have today.

So Emperor Obama is trying to get his IRS Darth Vader to silence his opponents any way he can.  Like Vader’s use of the force, the IRS wants to force the silence of all those who oppose the Emperor.  We can only hope and pray that there is a Luke Skywalker somewhere ready to stand up against Vader and the Emperor and destroy them in real life as he did in the movie.

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