IRS Scandal’s Lois Lerner Walks

It was touch and go there for a while for old Lois Lerner, the central figure/volunteer patsy for the IRS scandal in which conservative groups had their nonprofit status delayed long enough to prevent them from working on the 2012 presidential election.

It’s been obvious for a long time that she’s covering for higher-ups, including possibly people at the Justice Department and almost certainly people who work at the White House.

Lerner was left twisting in the wind as the Administration waited out the scandal clock, trying to determine if the public might get angry enough that Lerner would have to be run over by the bus she was tossed under, or whether everything might just blow over.

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Thanks to America’s extremely short attention span, Justice has prevailed.

That’s Justice the Department of, not actual justice, which would have seen Lerner hauled away in chains and waterboarded until she gave up the names of her bosses in the scheme to keep conservatives out of the election fundraising game.

Instead of filing criminal charges or even lifting a pinky to investigate, the DOJ on Wednesday quietly informed House Speaker John Boehner that they refused to prosecute “Lefty” Lerner.

“Once again, the Obama administration has tried to sweep IRS targeting of taxpayers for their political beliefs under the rug,” according to Boehner spokesman Michael Steel. “But unaccountable federal bureaucrats using their power to attack the First Amendment strikes at the heart of our democracy, and the American people deserve the truth.”

“The White House still has the opportunity to do the right thing and appoint a special counsel to examine the IRS’ actions,” he said.

Yeah, that’ll happen.

Instead, history books will record the fairy tale the White House has been feeding us, that a mid-level IRS operative all on her own initiative decided to throw the presidential election and was able to find enough ethics-challenged underlings to actually do it. There was nothing else for anybody to see there, and Emperor Obama lived happily ever after.

Now finish your milk and aspirin and go back to bed, kiddies.

If you ever have trouble determining just how evil and protected this Administration is, consider that among the several impeachment charges Nixon faced, there was one about using the IRS to target political enemies, albeit nothing on the scale of what Obama has done.

Just the specter of having to face that charge helped drive Nixon from office.

Obama, having done ten times worse, ten times as often, has sunk his claws into America’s rib cage and wrapped his reptilian tail around the American spine. This gargoyle has no intention of getting off our backs.

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