IRS Warns It May Have to Shut Down

Now, here’s an interesting math problem.

The federal government keeps raising taxes, including a whopper of a hike in the form of Obamacare, and it hires hundreds of new agents to help collect the expected flood of new revenue.

And yet, the agency in charge of collecting all this money is threatening to shut down because of a shortfall in the budget.

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It doesn’t quite add up, does it?

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said during a Thursday press conference that unpaid furloughs for employees are one idea being considered to save money. How much you wanna bet that furloughs don’t include commissioner-level employees?

“People call it furloughs; I view it as: Are we going to have to shut the place down? And at this point, that will be the last thing we do, … but there is no way we can say right now that that won’t happen,” Koskinen said.

I don’t imagine many people will spill tears over the possibility of the IRS shutting down or even at the thought of federal employees missing a few days on their paychecks.

Koskinen had warned employees in an earlier email that overtime was being suspended and the agency was putting a hiring freeze in place.

The email also said that more cuts could be announced depending on negotiations with the National Treasury Employees Union. Most of the IRS budget — about three-fourths of it — is spent on employee costs.

All this talk of furloughs and cutting spending comes because Congress gave the IRS a mere $10.9 billion for the coming year, representing a $346 million actual cut, but about $1.5 billion less than the agency requested. Shutting the agency would save an estimated $29 million per day and may delay some refunds.

A planned government-wide pay increase will cost the IRS an additional $250 million.

Koskinen is the guy who took over the IRS after the agency got in some hot water for harassing Tea Party and other conservative groups, what the bureaucrats call “extra scrutiny.”

Now Republicans in Congress are getting blamed for cutting the IRS’s budget.

I’m OK with that.

Democrats and RINOs for years have been blocking efforts to cut taxes. If we’ve got enough RINOs on board for reducing the IRS budget, then let’s do that.

The Democrats, especially President Obama, like to go around the rules and skirt laws like the Constitution, so why shouldn’t the Republicans cut taxes by reducing the budget of the IRS?

Let the IRS shut down for a few days. The rest of us have to budget and cut costs in our lives to feed the monster that is the government, even when we don’t have highly paid jobs with guaranteed holidays and vacations and hefty pensions when we retire. Or any job, for that matter.

Let a few government workers go home instead of to work for once and spend a few days worrying about paying the bills. And the rest of us, for a couple of days at least, can keep a few more pennies of our hard-earned money.

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