Is CBS News Turning Against Obama?

CBS Evening News is not known for being a conservative media outlet; however, I’ve noticed lately that they’ve been a little more critical of Obama and his policies.

In one evening’s news, they reported a couple of items that seemed negative towards the leader they once revered. One of those reports focused on Obama’s plan to train Syrian rebels to fight against ISIS. The cost of the training of the rebels is $500 million. However, CBS emphasized that to date only 60 Syrian rebels have been trained. Even though the US is trying to vet more rebels to train, CBS did not report that the program is still ongoing and in fact made it seem like the 60 trained rebels was it.

They also reported on Obama’s visit to Ethiopia where he described America as a jumbled up Democratic mess and then reported that he said he was visiting Ethiopia with its peaceful Democratic government. Then they interviewed 3 Ethiopian journalists that had been imprisoned for printing articles critical of the government, but a number of other journalists still remain imprisoned. According to CBS, the journalists were released just a few weeks prior to Obama’s visit as if it was a move to make the country look better. Two of the journalist said they were afraid to go back to journalism, but one female journalist said she would continue because someone had to speak the truth about what’s happening in her country.

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CBS also reported that Ethiopia has only 1 political party that won the last election with 100% of the vote. Reminds me of how over 100 precincts in Cleveland reported 100% of the vote going to Obama in 2012. They reported that Ethiopia is peaceful on the surface only and for Obama’s visit, but in fact is rife with turmoil, terrorist activities and political oppression.

They did report how Obama told the conference that countries need to allow the press to be free to report without fear of being imprisoned, which was obviously directed at the Ethiopian government. But I couldn’t help but recall Obama’s attack of the American press by using the NSA and FBI to illegally monitor the emails and phone calls of various American journalists.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a number of similar negative reports from CBS concerning Obama. It’s obvious his once glowing image has become severely tarnished in the eyes of some of the more liberal media. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened in 2012 had CBS and other media felt the same way about Obama then as they do now. Would it have made a difference and influence enough voters to have changed the outcome? If only!

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