Is DHS Worth $60 Billion a Year?

That question may seem ludicrous to some but think about it for minute. What has the Department of Homeland Security done to really protect the American people? Most of the possible or wanna be terrorists we hear about have been captured due to other agencies like the FBI and NSA.

The DHS was knee jerk reaction to the 9/11 terrorist attack. According to the Huffington Post:

“In the 12 years of its existence, DHS has fueled the most massive surveillance, policing, prosecution, detention and removal of U.S. residents in history. Below is a snapshot of government’s investment in ‘security’ post 9/11:

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    The annual budget of DHS has more than tripled since its founding in 2003, today totaling more than $60 billion.

  • The U.S. spent nearly $18 billion in 2012 on immigration enforcement, more than all of its other main law enforcement agencies combined.

  • The U.S.-Mexico Border is home to the largest police force in the country — the Border Patrol, whose numbers have doubled since 2005 — a vast surveillance infrastructure, and a $2.4 billion border wall.

  • Congress has mandated a bed quota requiring ICE to hold 34,000 people a day in immigration detention at a cost of $2.2 billion a year.

  • DHS has played a key role in helping to arm local and state police, handing out grants worth $41 billion since 2002 — eight times more than the military equipment given to police by the Department of Defense.

  • The U.S. has vastly expanded the federal prosecution and imprisonment of people charged with immigration violations at an unprecedented rate, at a cost of approximately $1.02 billion in 2011.”

They don’t report how many billions of dollars the DHS has spent buying thousands of weapons and several billion rounds of ammunition. I also noticed that they report the money being spent on immigration and border protection, but that doesn’t meant they are actually enforcing immigration laws. I’ve seen many reports from Border Patrol agents who are frustrated beyond reason over the current hypocritical immigration policies. They report detaining and arresting thousands of illegals only to watch them be released onto the streets of America.

Obama has taken it upon himself to act as Congress and Supreme Court in dictating immigration policies that are in direct violation of federal laws passed by Congress. Legally, only Congress can change those laws.

Among Obama’s liberal immigration policies is one that basically sets free every illegal not convicted of a felony. However, we’ve seen too many reports of tens of thousands of illegals with felony convictions that are being set free in America and not being deported. Too many of these illegals have committed heinous crimes including sexual assaults, rape and murder of American citizens.

Reports indicate that there are around 20 million illegal aliens living in the US. Our borders seem more like an open door than a restricted and monitored barrier, yet the DHS is spending billions of dollars on border protection. Now Jeh Johnson, Secretary of the DHS is asking Congress for an increase of $3 billion.

Since they obviously aren’t using the billions of taxpayer dollars they have properly, I would not give Johnson a penny more. In fact, I don’t think the DHS is worth $60 billion a year. I would take a serious look at the effectiveness of the Department of Homeland Security and most likely eliminate it. As for all of weapons and ammunition stockpiled by the DHS over the past few years, I would use them to arm a beefed up Border Patrol and give them orders to stop all illegal crossings by whatever force is necessary. I would move US Customs under the Commerce Department and Border Protection under the US Marshals which is part of the Justice Department along with immigration and naturalization. All of the other agencies contained within the DHS would be either transferred or disbanded after close scrutiny.

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