Is False Spirituality making the American Church Irrelevant?

The Deep State is embedded in the bowels of our government where the Constitution has no meaning and the ultimate goal is to run a shadow hidden from public view. Presidents come and go, but the bureaucracy continues as its tentacles squeeze the life out of our nation’s checks and balances. It’s being exposed, but politicians from both parties don’t like it. Like Drracula, they recoil from the exposure.

What’s lacking is a non-political voice to expose the loss of our freedoms. There was a time when the church was one of those voices. The great migration to these shores was the result of Christians who saw it as their duty to expose the deeds of darkness and create a third way to challenge the insurgency of complete power over every area of life. Over time, the church adopted the view that it has little or nothing to do with this world. This is an old pagan heresy going back nearly two millennia.

It didn’t take long for this Manichean heresy to be exploited. Spirituality is thought to be otherworldly as this world is by its nature sinful and outside any ability to be redeemed. Once the church goes in this direction, the end of the church’s influence in the here and now can be exploited. Once this happens, the only thing that can be taught is to escape from the mundane through a form super-spirituality that eschews the created order and/or a “rapture” out of this world.

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Instead of following the directive of Abraham Kuyper who said, “there is not one inch of creation of which Christ doesn’t say ‘Mine,’” we often here, “there is not one
inch of creation of which Satan doesn’t say ‘Mine.’” Historically, the church did not divide the world into two opposing realms, consisting of sacred/secular, spiritual/
material. More importantly, the Bible does not divide the world this way. The Bible is concerned about the distinction between good and evil, right and wrong, moral and immoral wherever such distinctions can be made.

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“‘I will protect the German people,’ Adolf Hitler shouted. ‘You take care of the church. You pastors should worry about getting people to heaven and leave this world to me.’”Adolf Hitler’s angry response was directed at Martin Niemöller, a German submarine commander who served in the First World War and later served as a minister of the gospel. Niemöller had written From U-Boat to Pulpit in 1933, showing that “the fourteen years of the [Weimar] Republic had been ‘years of darkness.’ In a final word inserted at the end of the book he added that Hitler’s triumph at last brought light to Germany.”

By 1935, “Niemöller had become completely disillusioned” with Hitler and his social experiment.

Niemöller became a critic of Hitler and his policies, “protesting against the anti-Christian tendencies of the regime, denouncing the government’s anti-Semitism and demanding an end to the state’s interference in the churches.” He published a series of sermons with the title Christus ist mein Führer (Christ is my Leader). Not everyone followed Niemöller’s example. Numerous pastors swore a personal oath of allegiance and obedience to Adolf Hitler: “The Swastika on our breasts, the Cross in our hearts.”5Many who refused to follow the party line were sent to concentration camps for their defiance. Niemöller was imprisoned as an “enemy of Hitler,” spending seven years in a concentration camp.

Why did so many comply with Hitler’s worldview? Why did so many pastors act, as Hitler described them, like “submissive dogs . . . that sweat with embarrassment when you talk to them”?For the most part, the people believed that their heavenly citizenship obligated them to accept the prevailing civil requirements of citizenship, no matter what their demands, and to remain silent no matter what atrocities were being committed…


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