Is Herman Cain Just a Black Poster Boy for the Tea Party?

For the past year, a number of liberal critics of the Tea Party have labeled them as being racist because so few blacks were involved.  Accusations have been made that the main reason the Tea Party is so adamantly opposed to President Obama and want him removed from the White House is that Obama is black.

However, they are realizing that their attempts to label the Tea Party as a racist organization are starting to crumble.  Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has been rising in popularity among Tea Party members, largely due to Cain’s desire to remove the current federal tax code and replace it with his simplified 9-9-9 tax plan.

Recently, Herman Cain appeared on MSNBC with one of their liberal hosts, Lawrence O’Donnell, where he in his usual fashion did his best to make Cain look as bad as possible.  O’Donnell grilled Cain on issues like civil rights and why it appeared that Cain wasn’t as actively involved as O’Donnell would have liked.  Cain stood his ground against O’Donnell and when asked by O’Donnell for an opinion on the interview with Cain, MSNBC contributor Melissa Harris-Perry, a black professor from Tulane University, said she was ‘squirming with discomfort’ when O’Donnell implied that, ‘those blacks who did not participate (in marches and sit-ins) were cowards.’  Harris-Perry also commented that no one has ever raised the issues about a white person’s involvement in the civil rights movement like O’Donnell did against Cain.

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In some liberal circles a rumor has been spreading that Cain is being used solely as a black poster boy for the GOP and Tea Party for the purpose of answering the racist accusations.  The poster boy rumors also imply that the Tea Party and GOP may use the fact that Cain is one hundred percent black while Obama is actually less than fifty percent black.  Liberals are trying to find any way they can to deter or deflect Cain’s rising popularity among whites, blacks and especially Tea Party members.

What I find interesting is that the same liberals that have been accusing the Tea Party of being racist because so few blacks are involved are the same ones supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement sweeping across the nation.  If you look at any of the news footage or photos on line from the various Occupy locations you will find very few blacks.  So why aren’t these same liberals out there condemning the Occupy people for being just as racist as the Tea Party?

Herman Cain’s popularity among the GOP and Tea Party has more to do with his message than it does with the color of his skin.  And those trying to make it an issue of race are generally the most guilty of being racist themselves.

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