Is Hillary Clinton Guilty of Perjury?

According to, the definition of ‘perjury’ is:

A crime that occurs when an individual willfully makes a false statement during a judicial proceeding, after he or she has taken an oath to speak the truth.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox’s The Kelly File and spoke of the strong possibility that Hillary Clinton committed perjury when testifying about her emails. Napolitano, the former New Jersey Superior Court Judge and current Senior Judicial Analyst for Fox News told Shannon Bream:

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“I’ve been arguing for a while that Mrs. Clinton’s legal problems are grave or worse than grave and her troubles just keep cascading down upon her. Her most recent troubles show that when she certified under oath ‘under penalty of perjury to a federal judge that she had surrendered all of her emails to the State Department, in fact she had not.’”

“Now she’s going to argue that because she stated this yesterday on one of the Sunday morning talk shows, that she’s not a technical person and she didn’t pay attention to emails and she doesn’t understand exactly how the entire email system works. I’m afraid that is not an argument that the judge wants to hear and will essentially fall on deaf ears because he asked her to certify ‘under penalty of perjury’ his phrase that she had in fact surrendered all of the emails when we know now that she hadn’t.”

“So compounding her problems of using her own server, seizing government property, destroying government property, failure to safeguard national security secrets, compounding all of that is the likelihood, the probability that she lied under oath to this federal judge.”

When Bream asked him if he really thought Hillary was going to be charged with a felony, Napolitano replied:

“Well, I think that the FBI will recommend to the Justice Department that she be indicted. What happens there is as much politics as it is law. I’ll tell you a couple of things that we know of. We know that the FBI team that’s investigating her is extremely sophisticated in matters of the use of the internet. We know that this FBI team really doesn’t care what the potential defendant’s last name is, because this is the same team that indicted, prosecuted and convicted a guy named Petraeus as in General David Petraeus. And we know that the assistant US attorney who is the head of this team is the same assistant US attorney who headed the investigation and successful prosecution of Petraeus. So I suggest to you, Shannon and to those watching us now if this team recommends indictment and the west wing says no, there will be substantial resignations from the FBI or some type of repercussion which will address the justice of what’s being done as opposed to the politics of what’s being done.”

Napolitano was referring to when Hillary Clinton was testifying under oath before a federal judge. She swore that she had turned over all of her emails, but over the past few months, there have been more and more emails discovered that that she failed to turned over to authorities.

If Napolitano is right and Hillary is indicted for perjuring herself before a federal judge, what would be her penalty? Again, according to

“The punishment for perjury in most states, and under federal law, is the imposition of a fine, imprisonment, or both. Federal law also imposes sentencing enhancements when the court determines that a defendant has falsely testified on her own behalf and is convicted. Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, the court is required to automatically increase the defendant’s sentence.”

We can only hope and pray that this is the fate awaiting Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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