Is Hillary Losing It Under Pressure?

It’s not an entirely novel sensation you get from watching Hillary Clinton squirm like a worm on a hook. She’s dragged the country through too many scandals for that.

But this time, there are signs she is cracking under the strain of too many revelations at one time.

The Clintons have always been masterful manipulators of the media, of power politics, and of public opinion.

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Hillary may have met her match, though, in Valerie Jarrett, because despite official denials, it is Jarrett, with the tacit approval of President Obama, who started the whole Clinton scandal in the media.

The Clintons probably thought they were insulated from the media because for years they have played along with and contributed to the Soros news machine that has dogged conservatives and buried every Obama scandal that’s come down the pike.

But now that Hillary is no longer in the Administration and is running for president, Jarrett is going for the throat.

There’s never been any love lost between the Clintons and Obama/Jarrett. The whole gag of bringing Hillary on as secretary of state was just to eliminate Obama’s one true Democratic opponent in his first presidential election.

Jarrett couldn’t just destroy Hillary at that time because Obama had yet to be elected, and the Clinton machine had proof of Obama’s birth certificate problem (yes, liberals, the Clinton campaign was the source of all those stories — yet another reason Hillary’s secret server will never see the light of day).

So a compromise was reached, and Hillary was reborn as secretary of state.

Jarrett’s been holding back, though, ever since Hillary and CIA Director Leon Panetta arranged to have Osama bin Laden killed and kept Obama/Jarrett out of the loop until the last second.

It isn’t just a matter of concern that Hillary won’t uphold all of Obama’s fascist policies or that she isn’t liberal enough. Hillary’s current problems are all about vengeance from the power behind the throne. And this time, secret information about the birth certificate won’t help Hillary, since that issue’s been successfully relegated to the pile of “conspiracy theories” at this point.

What’s different about this Washington scandal about a Democrat is that the media are paying attention, even — gasp — asking questions.

The stunning result is that Hillary’s popularity among the low-information herd has gone down 15 percent in one month.

If nothing else, it’s a negative proof of how influential the media are in keeping liberal lawmakers’ careers afloat.

Hillary’s got three scandals burning at once — the secret server thing, foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation and now the Clinton Health Access Initiative is in trouble for not disclosing donors since 2010, as the Clintons had agreed with the Obama Administration to do.

Basically, the picture being painted by Reuters, the AP and other media is that the Clinton Foundation was a big money laundering operation for foreign nations to win favors from the State Department.

The urge to reply “duh” is overwhelming.

Imagine if all that media influence had been brought to bear at any point on Obama and any or all of his Administration’s scandals. He’d be in a deep, dark hole somewhere breaking rocks for a living.

Imagine if the press applied its skills evenly to all politicians and their policies. We could be living in America again.

At any rate, the pressure’s getting to Hillary. Talk about a crack in the facade. The other day, Clinton started talking about “camps for adults.” I don’t know about you, but when a liberal starts talking about camps, I picture Stalag 13, but with free wi-fi.

Hillary was apparently picturing something more along the lines of Camp Snoopy: “None of the serious stuff. None of the life-challenging stuff … more fun. I think we have a huge fun deficit in America. And we need to figure out how to fill that fun deficit, certainly for our kids but also for the rest of us.”

Actual deficit? Bah.

We just all need more fun.

I think Team Clinton has a slogan. Whereas Obama’s was “Hope and Change,” Hill’s can be “Fun and Games.”

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