Is it Un-American to Pass Your Full Inheritance on to Your Family?

Campaign years always bring tax issues to the forefront of the news.  Obama and fellow Democrats want to increase taxes in a number of areas and Republican Herman Cain is advocating his 9-9-9 flat tax plan.

One tax that has often been a subject of political haggling has been the estate tax or as some call it the death tax.

Some politicians, mostly Republicans, have advocated that the estate tax be repealed.  A group known as American Family Business Institute has been pushing for the elimination of the estate tax.  Dick Patten of AFBI uses a study conducted by Steve Entin that indicates that a decrease of the estate tax could result in an increase of federal revenues.

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However, political analyst and columnist for Time magazine, Fareed Zakaria is advocating that the estate tax be increased to 50%.  He claims that ‘nothing is more un-American than an inherited elite that perpetuates itself.’

Un-American to pass your entire estate on to your family

Let’s see, George Washington didn’t leave half of his vast Virginia holdings to the government.  Neither did Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin or any of the other Founding Fathers.  If it was un-American to want to pass everything on to your loved ones, I’m sure that our Founders would have left half to the government as Zakaria claims is the American way.

America was established and built upon the principles of the free market and capitalism.  If a person works hard to build a fortune or empire they should have the right to pass the rewards of their efforts on to their families or to whomever they choose.

America was also built upon biblical principles and biblically speaking, it was customary to pass all of one’s inheritance to their first born son.  In Genesis 25, we read where Jacob tricked Abraham into blessing him and thus bestowing on him the inheritance of the first born.

The principle conflict between the Arabs and Jews also goes back to the practice of the first born receiving the inheritance of the father.  Ishmael, the father of the Arabs was Abraham’s first born, but not of Sarah.  They have long believed that Ishmael should have received Abraham’s inheritance instead of Isaac and for the past few thousand years, their descendants have remained at odds with each other.

I was curious about Zakaria and his background to see if that might offer any clues as to where he came up with his views on the estate tax.  He was born in Mumbai, India.  His father was a politician and an Islamic scholar.  Zakaria attended college at Yale and Harvard.  He is a naturalized US citizen.  His political views have been described as running the gamut from liberal to moderate to conservative.

Zakaria has spoken out about the US involvement in Iraq.  He supported the US involvement in Iraq at the beginning but later has opposed the increased and prolonged involvement since 2007.  He has since been advocating for our government to stress a political truce and settlement between the Shia Arabs, Sunni Arabs and the Kurds.

Based upon what I can find, it appears that Zakaria was raised a Muslim by his father.  It is common in people of the Muslim religion to pass their inheritance and wealth on to their family upon their death.  His views on the estate tax actually go against his Islamic background.

So where does Zakaria get his views on half of everything going to the government upon one’s death?  The only possibility I see is his association with the extremely liberal politicians in New York and Washington.  His perversion of what is and what isn’t American reflect the distorted views of the socialists who are slowly gaining control of the nation.  In socialism, everything belongs to the government.  Only a selected elite get to keep their wealth.  Everyone else has to distribute it to everyone else.

The only thing un-American is Zakaria’s socialist views that he would like to see imposed on Americans.

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