Is Obama Willing to Bankrupt European Companies and Countries if Iran Violates His Nuclear Deal?

When Barack Obama announced his disastrous nuclear deal with Iran, he knew he would face opposition from many who claimed Iran could not be trusted. Standing on his throne in Washington, Obama stated:

“You might hear from critics that Iran faces no consequences if it violates this deal. That’s also patently false.”

“If Iran violates this deal, the sanctions we imposed that have helped cripple the Iranian economy — the sanctions that helped make this deal possible — would snap back into place promptly.”

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Even though Congress has yet to sign off on the deal, a number of European countries are taking steps to drop their sanctions against Iran and companies in those nations are salivating at the chance to do business in the economically starved nation.

One example is Italy who has already dropped sanctions and has been signing large economic deals with Iran. Many of these deals are with high-profile companies that would be severely financially impacted if Iran violates their deal and the US tries to re-impose economic sanctions against Iran.

Mediobanca, a large Italian investment bank entered into a ‘memorandum of understanding’ with the Iranian Economic Ministry. Finmeccanica, a large Italian industrial firm has taken on a project to develop a $556 million power plant with Ghadir Investment Company, identified by the US Treasury Department as a front for the Iranian regime.

Emanuele Ottolenghi, with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies responded to the Italian deals, telling the media:

“The [Finmeccanica] plant deal, inked well before the [nuclear] deal even begins to be implemented, shows that U.S. sanctions can no longer deter global business from signing huge deals in Iran, even with the Supreme Leader’s business empire.”

Switzerland had also imposed sanctions against Iran to ban any trading of precious metals and drastically limiting the importation of Iranian oil and oil products. They are also talking with Iranian officials about lifting their sanctions against the oil rich Arab nation. In a statement released to the press, the Swiss government stated:

“The Federal Council (government) wishes today’s steps to be seen as a sign of its support for the implementation of the nuclear agreement and its interest in deepening bilateral relations with Iran.”

However, Switzerland is being a little more cautious than Italy by saying that if Iran does violate the terms of the deal that they will re-instate their sanctions against them.

Other European nations are also talking about dropping their sanctions against Iran and opening up trade avenues for their governments and companies in their borders. As more of these nations and companies jump on board the trade bandwagon, the harder it will be for Obama to live up to his promise to re-instate the economic sanctions against Iran. To do so would be to place many European companies and their government in dire economic distress which theoretically could create a domino effect that could bring down the entire European economy.

You can be sure that there are those in the Iranian government who are fully aware of this and are working hard to get as many of these economic deals signed as soon as possible. They know that this will cripple Obama’s ability to hold them to the nuclear deal and once again allow them to have free reign to further develop their nuclear weaponry and place Israel and the rest of the free world in dire danger.

When Iran launches a nuclear attack against any of their enemies, including Israel and the United States, the entire world needs to blame Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry.


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