Is Syria a False Flag?

Some libertarian-minded Americans are beginning to wonder if someone is trying to force President Trump’s hand in Syria.

The President recently announced that he planned on pulling every American soldier out of Syria, and soon…

On the heels of that announcement the Syrian dictator supposedly gassed his own people with chemical weapons, which would force Trump to become even more involved in the Syria mess?

Wouldn’t Assad be treading more carefully than ever right now? If we pull out of Syria, he’ll have a much freer hand to deal with his people as he sees fit. Why would he risk greater US involvement by using chemical weapons, when he’s so close to getting his nation back?

That’s the question former Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) was discussing on a recent episode of his show, the Liberty Report.

After the pro-rebel White Helmets claimed over the weekend that Syria’s Assad has “again” gassed his own citizens, President Trump is threatening massive retaliation. Russia has stated that it would strike any source of incoming missiles into Syria. Will President Trump listen to his neocon advisors and ignore Russian warnings? Are we about to blunder into WWIII without even any evidence?

Tune in to today’s Liberty Report:

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