Is That the Kind of Social Action We Want Our Students to Learn?

You’ve heard the joke, probably, about the student who was issued a free condom by his school, and then was expelled when he got caught praying for an opportunity to use it. May be not a joke but a sad reality. The public school system has become a tool for training the children in wickedness and immorality; but decency, righteousness, and honesty never go unpunished.

About 30 students staged a boycott at Austwell-Tivoli Junior High School in Tivoli, Texas. They boycotted the school cafeteria by bringing their own lunches from home. They protested against the school-imposed menu; for more choices and healthier alternatives.

You would expect that the school authorities would react violently against the revolt. After all, in other places, food Nazis in the public schools confiscate lunches from home and force the student to eat nuggets and other unhealthy foods; and then send the tabs to the parents. Michelle Obama’s food fascism (“No Child’s Behind Left Alone”) is enforced zealously through the Department of Education. (Michelle Obama’s behind is obviously excluded from the program, judging by the evolution of it in the last three years.) Students who bring lunches from home, and boycott the food Nazism; why, this is such a good opportunity to bring the full force of the nutrition laws on a defenseless population. The thing deserves at least a SWAT team, if not a whole special forces division.

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Strangely, though, the school authorities are happy with it, and they even commend the students for organizing the boycott. Why is that?

The answer is that the school cafeteria lunches the students protest against are actually free lunches. They are not paid by the students but by the school district, that is, by the tax payers.

So, in fact, the students are protesting for more and better free lunch. Like good little socialists. They are not protesting against being forced to eat those lunches; but that they are not given freely what they want, and more of it.

That explains why there was no SWAT team or special forces putting down the revolt. The “boycott” is actually a training in leftist social action. It’s not about freedom, it’s about looting the taxpayer.

No wonder the school authorities are happy. The public schools work. Oh, yes.

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