Is the American Empire on its Way Out?

No nation is immune to the rise and fall of empires. Some can prolong the prosperity and put band-aids on the problems to postpone the eventual decline of a world power. Jerusalem, Rome, Britain, and others have experienced this phenomenon. America is the next…unless we make some serious changes.

Our current struggle to go anywhere but down is noted well by the U.K.’s The Guardian in a recent article titled “Decline and Fall of the American Empire.” Our nation has become a place of soulless individuals clamoring for a piece of the pie, only to stuff themselves until the pie is no more. We then wonder where to get it next. Who is baking and ripe for the picking?

A majority of Americans are on some kind of welfare. Most think of welfare as food stamps but the truth is, no matter what position you hold in America’s economy, you are sucking from the teet of productivity. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Food Stamps, the public school system,  the list goes on and on.  In a land of the free where immigrants flocked to have the chance to make a name for themselves, we our now looking for those with a name (and plenty of money) so we can suck as much as we can away from them. The unproductive society is continually growing and sapping the resources of those who still feel there is something to be had for risking it all.

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America is no longer the land of the free but the land of envy and self-gratification. We used to be a “Christian America.” Not Christian in that everyone or a mojrity were Christians, but Americans in general aligned themselves with the biblical definition of morality and I truly believe God blessed America for that. God has been patient, but even the Father of patience reaches His breaking point. How long will define ourselves as a culture of pornography and homosexualty? Today’s culture readily accepts promiscuous heterosexual and homosexual sex as the new “in thing.” Families are on the way out and the idea of pleasing God has been replaced with our inner desire to please ourselves. Our government, both local and national, continue to fight to remove God from all areas of life, while we sit back and say “hey, things are still pretty good.”

Only when we reverse our self-centered idealism and return to a nation of productivity and cultural relevance will be reverse our decline.  Our souls need saving. Only then will we begin to transform America back into a shining city on  a hill.

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