Is Trump Just a Fad or Could He Win?

Self-made billionaire Donald Trump entered the 2016 presidential campaign like a wild bull entering a china shop. Many said he was wild, mad, crazy and no one that anyone could take serious.

He made statements about illegal aliens that stirred up a hornets nest. To the shock of Democrats, the liberal media and fellow Republicans, Trump soared in the polls. With each new issue and statement from Trump, the more he rose in the polls.

Most political pundits and commentators kept saying that Trump was nothing more than fad and like most fads he would soon fade away. None of them believed that Trump would ever become a serious threat.

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However, a recent poll is making some political pundits think twice about Trump being just a passing fad. The Washington Post-ABC News poll for Oct. 15-18, 2015 revealed that 43% of the Republican voters polled believed that Trump has the best chance of winning the White House. Running second in the poll of best chance to win was Ben Carson with 16% and third was Jeb Bush with only 13%. Only 11% of the Republican voters polled believed Marco Rubio had the best chance of winning the election.

When it came to the issues of concern, the same poll revealed that 32% of Republican voters believed that Trump had a better stand on the issue. Nineteen percent believed that Carson had a good grasp of the issues with Rubio and Bush finishing third with 11% each.

When asked about immigration, 39% responded that Trump had the best stand. Rubio garnered 15% support and 13% believed Bush had the best stand on immigration.

When asked who had the best understanding of everything, 29% believed Trump had the best understanding. Nineteen percent believed Carson had the best overall understanding. Rubio was supported by 13% and Bush finished fourth with 10%.

Trump also garnered the most support for leadership with 47% compared to 12% for Bush and 11% for Rubio.

There were several categories in which Trump did not lead, but he wasn’t that far behind to count him out. On honesty, Carson got the most support with 33% with Trump coming in second with 21%. On experience, Bush led the group with 31%, with Trump finishing second with 23%. Lastly, when asked about the personality of the candidates, Carson led the pack with 24%. Trump finished second with 19%, Bush with 25% and Rubio with 14%.

What does all this mean? According to Business Insider:

“The shift could be significant. A 2012 study, pointed to by The New York Times’ David Leonhardt, found that measuring who voters think will win is actually a much better indicator of the eventual winner of an election than gauging who has the most voter support.”

If that’s the case, then right now, Donald Trump seems to be the person most Republicans think will actually win. This is causing some skeptics to start taking him more seriously than they have as he just may be much more than a passing fad.

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