Is TSA Harboring Sexual Perverts? You Bet

CBS Dallas-Fort Worth reported earlier this week that attractive women seem to be targeted by the TSA personnel at the airports checkpoints. An attractive woman has a much higher chance than the rest of us to be asked to step into the scanner again (even several times in a row), or to be separated for pat-down, or to be ogled. CBS 11 News dug about 500 complaints against TSA and did find a pattern of women who believe there is nothing random about the way they were selected for extra screening.

This is just another proof that the Transportation Security Agency has nothing to do with transportation security but with self-conscious, deliberate, organized government terrorism against decent citizens.

It has been known for a long time that the TSA harbors an disproportionately high number of people with psychological problems related to sexual perversions. Its employees have been caught having child pornography on their home computers, or having been involved in rape or other sexual assault crimes; some have even been caught masturbating in front of the screens from the scanners at the airports when young girls’ bodies were scanned. This is in addition to other crimes committed by TSA employees like stealing valuables from passengers’ luggage, harassing children and elderly people, and even destroying medical equipment for passengers with special medical needs. Of course, given the nature of the TSA agents’ “work,” the sexual crimes and perversions should be expected to outnumber the other crimes.

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Lord Acton’s famous saying that “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely,” is true only partially. There are people who do not seem to get corrupted by power. But another maxim hold true for every society and every time: That power always attracts those that are already corrupted in their hearts. The perverted, wicked, depraved members of a society who find pleasure in taking immoral advantage of other people will often be frustrated in a free society by the resistance of their victims. A victim that has the right the shoot back and does shoot back is not the best target for the advances of a pervert. But when by government decree the victim is deprived of its rights to shoot back, then a pervert will be attracted to the position which gives him that unlimited power over the victims.

And TSA gives perverts the perfect place to take advantage of millions of victims without the danger of shooting back. Being a TSA employee gives a person that power which attracts perverts and depraved individuals. That’s why the disproportionately high concentration of perverts among the TSA employees is something to be expected.

It is also another proof that when the Federal government involves in issues which are not its prerogative, the result is more problems, not less. The War on Drugs creates more addiction and violence (not to mention more racist discrimination); the Department of Education creates more illiteracy; the FDA creates less safety in drugs and food; etc., etc. In the same way, the Transport Security Administration creates less security and more terrorism – sponsored, of course, with the tax-money of the victims themselves. Studies across the nation have shown that more the 60% of the American public feels more threatened by the TSA thugs and perverts than by terrorists. Indeed, a terrorist can always expect to be opposed by the passengers. A TSA agent has the legal right to do whatever they want without any reprisals; in fact, he can expect to be protected at any cost by the TSA lawyers, if passengers dare file a complaint against his depraved conduct.

Solzhenitsyn talks about the psychology of the prison guards in the GULags in the Soviet Union. Decent people didn’t become prison guards; a decent person is not excited about having immoral power over other human beings. At the end, only those with criminal inclinations took advantage of the opportunity to have power over other human beings. TSA is not different.

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