Is US Abandoning SEAL Team 6 Member Who Shot Bin Laden?

Identified only as the Shooter, the Navy Seal who fired the shots that killed the world’s #1 terrorist is leaving the Navy and feels abandoned by the government he sacrificially served for 16 years.

In order to receive a military pension, a person must serve 20 years.  The Shooter has only served 16, but feels that he can no longer continue his service physically or emotionally.  His years of service have left him with arthritis, tendonitis, blown disks, eye damage and body riddled with scar tissue.  It has also left him with a legal separation from his wife and kids.

Because of news teams filming the houses of Navy SEAL Team 6 members, his wife fears retaliation from extremists.  She keeps a shotgun and knife handy in her bedroom just in case.  She is also considering having her and the children’s names legally changed so that they wouldn’t be as easily connected with her husband, Shooter. She’s also contemplating taking his name off the house and everything else the couple still owns jointly for security reasons.

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The couple still says they love each and Shooter loves playing his kids, but being gone so much has put a tremendous strain on the marriage relationship.  In fact, this is all too common among Navy SEALS who are or were married.

Shooter entered the Navy when he was 19 after having his heart broken by a girl.  He told them he wanted to be a sniper and was surprised when the recruiter said that the Navy had snipers.  Since passing the rigorous training and becoming a Navy SEAL, Shooter has been on missions all over the world.  He earned a reputation of being one of the best of the best, which is why he was the number two man on the mission into the bin Laden compound.

When the number one man was occupied with two of bin Laden’s wives in the hallway, Shooter entered the door to a bedroom and found bin Laden.  He quickly fired three shots into the terrorist’s forehead, dropping him on the spot.

Even though the US government had posted a $25 million reward for bin Laden, the SEALs will not collect a penny of it.  Without any reward money or military pension, Shooter is not sure what kind of a job, if any, he can get.  SEALs have a code of conduct that forbids them from talking about and profiting from their missions.

Matt Bissonette, a member of SEAL Team 6 broke that code when he wrote his book on the bin Laden raid.  He is still possibly facing charges for his disclosure of top secret information.  Several other members of SEAL Team 6 were found to be working as consultants for a video game company while still on active duty and they have faced disciplinary action for it.

No one can know of what he did and that he was the man who shot bin Laden.  No employer, no college, no anyone.  It seems the government and military he sacrificed everything for is about to abandon him regardless of his heroic service.  So what does a physically scarred and injured man do in civilian life when the only skills he has are designed to kill and cannot be discussed in public?

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