Is Your State Protected From Sharia Law?

Earlier this month, I wrote about Sharia law becoming a threat to the American judicial system even though Muslim scholar Jamal Badawi claims it is not a threat whatsoever.   According to Badawi, there is no way that an American court would resort to Sharia law in making their rulings.

In February I wrote about a man who was beaten up by a Muslim for wearing a zombie Muhammad costume to a Halloween event.  The attack was witnessed by a police officer and was captured on camera.  The Muslim attacker was charged with assault and after hearing from witnesses, including the police officer and watching the video, Judge Mark Martin acquitted the attacker and chastised the victim for insulting Islam.  Martin turns out to be a convert to Islam and obviously based his ruling on Sharia law and not American law.

Evidently, Badawi is unaware of Judge Martin’s ruling along with others that have ruled on Sharia law.  According to a report on OneNewsNow, the number of court cases involving Sharia Law is growing.  In an interview with Brigitte Gabriel, founder and president of ACT for America, she stated,

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“Actually [there are] 51 cases in American court rooms where Islamic law was considered above the Constitution of the United States, especially in domestic law and in family law. And that’s simply unacceptable.”

Gabriel and her organization studied the various anti-Sharia law laws that have been successful and those that have been overturned.  They have crafted a bill called the American Laws for American Courts that prevents courts from ruling on any foreign law.  Gabriel described the ALAC effort by saying,

“We do not single out sharia law, even though sharia law does come under the general law that we are introducing. And this is why, in the states where we passed it already — Tennessee, Arizona and Louisiana — those laws have not been challenged because the Islamic lobby knows that the law we are introducing is so bulletproof they cannot fight it.”

According to the report I read, Gabriel claims that twenty states are considering the possibility of introducing an ALAC or similar piece of legislation.  She also added that as many as six states may actually pass an ALAC bill this year, raising the number from three to nine states that have a law to protect their citizens from being victims of Sharia law when taken to court.

Is your state taking action to stop any international law, including Sharia law from being used in court to make rulings?  If not, encourage your state legislators to contact Brigitte Gabriel at Act for America to get a copy of their American Laws for American Courts and then act on it and protect us all from the growing Muslim takeover.

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