ISIS in Ciudad Juarez, Plotting ‘Imminent’ Terror Attack

If there was ever any doubt about why we need a secure border and not the Obama Administration’s amnesty-for-all plan, a warning passed to law enforcement agencies should answer that question with resounding clarity.

According to Judicial Watch, high-level federal officials have confirmed that ISIS is operating in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, near El Paso, Texas, and it is believed to be planning an imminent terror attack.

The Departments of Homeland Security, Justice and Defense have been put on alert and instructed to aggressively pursue all leads regarding the terrorist threat.

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Intelligence agencies have picked up radio talk and “chatter” that the terrorists are going to perform an attack on the border using car bombs or other “vehicle-based” explosives. According to Judicial Watch, an intelligence source confirmed the attack would occur soon.

That same source confirmed that the groups involved were “ISIS and Al Qaeda.”

The commanding general of Ft. Bliss Army Post in El Paso has been briefed and told to prepare.

All of this comes as we near the 13th anniversary of 9/11.

OK, listen up liberals. It’s lesson time.

Shut your yaps about racism and California belonging to Mexico. This threat from ISIS is why you need to enforce the $^&*#[email protected]$ border, so you don’t have bloodthirsty monsters miles away from American cities plotting the demise of your family and your neighbors.

This is why you don’t pull American troops out of Iraq before the country has been completely stabilized.

This is why you don’t fund and arm Syrian “rebels” who then use your taxpayer-siphoned largesse to re-form their separate groups into the largest, best armed Islamist army seen on Earth for decades, perhaps centuries.

This is why you don’t play golf while your country’s sworn enemies conquer territory after territory and declare the first caliphate in nearly a century.

This is why you don’t promise the world amnesty if they sneak into the country and then spend taxpayer money shipping illegal aliens into the interior of the United States.

This is why you don’t go into an internationally televised press conference and warn ISIS that U.S. special forces are after it, then say you don’t have a strategy for dealing with the ISIS army.

This is why you don’t take guns away from law-abiding Americans.

This is why you don’t elect a socialist, anti-American moron to the presidency. Twice.

Hey, libs, do you understand yet, or will it take a few thousand dead on American soil for you to begin to get it? You get all worked up over a phony racism case whipped up in Ferguson, Missouri. What are you going to do if another skyscraper, or a shopping mall, gets knocked down with people inside?

Britain just the other day raised its terror threat level to severe. As recently as four hours before this writing, ABC News and the Associated Press reported that White House officials said they wouldn’t raise the terror level in response to Britain’s move, meanwhile remaining apparently oblivious to the situation on the border. As soon as this gets around, expect the usual media suspects to pooh-pooh the whole thing and urge everyone to put their heads back in the sand. We are just paranoid conservatives, after all.

One hand of this Administration doesn’t know what the other is doing.

The Border Patrol has warned its officers to avoid certain areas of the border because they are too dangerous due to the threat from drug cartels, much less terrorists. Ciudad Juarez is in one of those areas.

Obama’s too busy golfing and planning ways to give amnesty to millions of illegals, including hard-core convicts. Don’t expect him to save us.

At this point, all we can do is hope there are still some people in the various law enforcement agencies and our military who know what they’re doing so that they can catch ISIS before anything serious happens.

The clock is now ticking.

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