ISIS is an Evolved Form of Islam. And Evolution is Good, Right?

Do you remember how President Obama told us that his views on homosexuality “evolved”? Well, that’s what’s happening with Islam. ISIS is an evolved form of Islam. In time, people will either embrace the new Islam or they will be destroyed. Isn’t that what’s happening in the United States over same-sex everything?

ISIS is a different kind of evil. These guys aren’t Islamists like al-Qaeda or Hamas, or any of a dozen other Islamic radical groups. Those groups are lightweights compared to ISIS. They make the Nazis, the Japanese, and even the North Vietnamese, look like drafters of the Geneva Convention.

Simply put, they are committed like none we’ve seen. They have a religious commitment that runs much deeper than any allegiance to duty, country, or some nut job dictator.

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They will do anything their leaders demand of them, and I believe, that unlike blinded followers of some cult figure, these people (and I use that term loosely) have a purpose. They know why they are doing what they are being called on to do.

“Reports Tuesday that the Islamic State burned to death 45 people in Iraq just days after posting a video showing the beheadings of 21 Egyptian Christians proves that ‘we’re witnessing atrocities that were reserved for the Dark Ages,’ Los Angeles author Johnnie Moore told Newsmax.”

I disagree with Johnnie, who is apparently still trying to hold on to the left’s moral relativism campaign. ISIS is beyond anything we’ve seen, or heard of in the western world – past or present. I can say that because I know, as should you, that they will keep coming up with new and more barbaric ways of dispatching those unfortunate enough to stand in their way to their intended goal.

So the question that should be asked is why they are ratcheting up the chaos and barbarism? They are doing so because they must create chaos – for only utter chaos will hasten the end times and usher in their second coming, as it were.

They really do believe this. Our problem is our administration. They either don’t know this or don’t believe, judging by their latest insane “They just need jobs” statement. As someone on radio said – they already have jobs – killing everyone else.

And the administration’s statement that we can’t just kill our way out of this situation is equally insane.

Once you understand the ISIS commitment, you must conclude the only way to stop them is to kill them all. They will not stop – they will not surrender – they will not negotiate. They truly believe they are on a mission from Allah and no one will convince them otherwise.

So regardless of what anyone chooses to call them, that’s who and what we’re up against. For now, an ocean safely separates us – or so we think and hope. But as they ramp up the atrocities, the chaotic violence will spill over into our nation through our open borders and by Islamists already embedded. The more fear and chaos they can instill – the more panic they cause – the sooner their deliverer will come, so that they may rule the world for a thousand years.

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